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Mert Bal
Mert Bal is currently an assistant professor and Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program coordinator in the Miami University of Ohio. He received his PhD in Manufacturing Systems Engineering in Cyprus. He was a research fellow in the University of Western Ontario, and a guest researcher at the National Research Council Canada in London, Ontario for three years. Mert is an active researcher in the areas of intelligent manufacturing, distributed real-time control, mobile computing, internet of things, internet embedded devices, multi-agent systems, collaborative wireless sensor networks, holonic manufacturing and applications of virtual and augmented reality. He has authored many scientific publications, and co-organized various international conference sessions in these areas.

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ORIGOSafe Prevents Texting Whilst Driving
What’s more dangerous behind the wheel – drinking or texting? The new device locks your...
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Bio-stamp: a stretchy, twisty, wearable chip

Electronics won’t always be rigid, brittle wafers contained in bunch of complex circuit boards... More >>
BodyCom – Your Body as a Secure Communication Channel
Can you use Human Body to secure wireless near field communication? BodyCom is a wireless authentic...
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A Motherboard that Runs any Operating System
Do you want to run Apple OS, Windows and Linux on your own PC? The projectQ, or Z77MX-QUO-AOS for ...
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Fire the coach! 94Fifty Basketball Uses Sensors to Measure Basketball Skills

The 94Fifty basketball uses sensors to tell players how well they are playing.  All sorts of ba... More >>
SpiderSense: a Suit That Gives Man a ‘Spider Sense’

  “My spider sense is tingling!” Thanks to Peter Parker, we all know that means im... More >>
hipKey uses Bluetooth and iOS to track your stuff
There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t lose track of his stuff from time to time. And it&...
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A Supercomputer made with Raspberry Pi and LEGO
A 'supercomputer' built using 64 connected Raspberry Pi boards and a racking made with Lego pieces. ...
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I-Pad Controlled Self-Driving RobotCar uses 3D Laser Scanner to Map its Environment
The self-driving RobotCar, developed by the researchers in the University of Oxford uses small camer...
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Play Physical Chess over the Internet with a Robot Partner
Arduino-powered chess set connects remote players over the internet using a physical chess table.
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LUMO Watches Your Posture and Warns If You Slouch
The LUMO is a thin, flexible sensor band worn as a belt that captures the posture of your lower and ...
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LG’s Transparent Screen Makes Vending Machines Interactive and Fun
This vending machine uses LG's transparent screen to display animations when a product is selected.
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Lynx A: A hand-held camera for 3D motion capture
A camera that captures the 3-D model of everything it points at.
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Arduino-compatible Pinoccio connects the ‘Internet of Things’ to DIY
The new wireless microcontroller board Pinoccio allows Arduino users to connect their DIY projects t...
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Internet of things enables the “Good Night Lamp”
The Internet of Things-based lamp is a new way of saying "good night" to your friends and loved ones...
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Sensors and Smartphones – An app for watering plants
Worried about your plants while you’re on vacation? Oso’s cloud-based wireless plant sen...
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Fitness Tracker with Wearable Sensors Recognizes your Actions in the Gym
A new wearable fitness tracker that can figure what exercise you’re doing.
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Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone Can Bend, Twist and Roll
Forget the flip, Samsung plans for the "fold phone"
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Can Toyota’s Self-Driving Lexus save you from Accidents?
Safe drinking and driving may be possible with Toyota's self-driving, advanced safety vehicle.
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Self-Parking Audi Unveiled at CES
Self-parking? Self-driving? How long before these cars become self-aware?
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