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I recently wrote about a ski/snowboard goggle from Oakley called the Airwave that provide a nice add... More >>


Tim Whibley tells us to take a leap. More >>


Philips, the Dutch lighting and electronics giant has just introduced a smart light bulb that could ... More >>


FreedomPop, a US based reseller of Clearwires Wimax service, started shipping a $99 sleeve for the A... More >>


         Why would a site dedicated to bringing you information about the l... More >>


And the iPhone 5 is...not much different. More >>


The iPhone 5 will drop first in China, and Apple may get a notice if it tries to follow. More >>


I recently wrote about Qualcomm’s struggle in maintaining supply of its 28nm Snapdragon S4 mob... More >>


Will the well publicized 28 nm wafer supply shortage spark a movement reduce dependence on outsource... More >>


Are mobile phone payment systems about to take off? More >>


Or are you just happy to get acquired?  More >>


TSMC and ARM extend collaboration to go beyond planar CMOS technology More >>


Can the Google Nexus Q offer functionality to match its elegant design? More >>


IBM brings the title of "World's Fastest Supercomputer" back the to US thanks to its own multi-core ... More >>


What do you get when you mix some ICs, some plywood, a great sense of style and pepper it with ingen... More >>


Rumours abound that Apple will include a point-of-sale system in its next iPhone based on near-field... More >>


Controlling objects with your mind sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but researc... More >>


IsisTM is the mobile commerce joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Veri... More >>


Apple streamlines giving with near-field communications or NFC More >>


Will near-field communications (NFC) become the defacto payment system or get bogged down in bureauc... More >>


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