We have the technology to make more efficient solar cells, but most companies choose not to use it. ... More >>


Spraying nanomaterials at supersonic speed yields a conductive bendable film with glass-like transpa... More >>


Atom-thick layers yield improvements in optoelectronics. More >>


The Gigafactory is now mass-producing batteries for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. ... More >>


The world's first solar road will generate 280 MWh of electricity each year. Let's compare the cost ... More >>


These off-grid streetlights also provide WiFi, USB charging ports, and an array of sensors. More >>


Siemens acquisition of Mentor Graphics bolsters software portfolio with EDA tools, talent and custom... More >>


This 21st century utility pole has solar power, battery, communication, LED streetlight, and EV char... More >>


To anyone who's ever flown a quadcopter, dictionary definitions of a "drone" just don't do them just... More >>


AquaHarmonics took home the gold in the DoE Wave Energy competition. More >>


802.11ad chipset market forecast, Fractal has a new antenna design and Maxim, TI and Silego release ... More >>


Researchers say this discovery could “open up a new paradigm” in designing electronic devices. More >>


NYU research reveals new technique and material for use at the atomic scale. More >>


Samsung seeks to expand influence in automotive electronics. More >>


New products from Microsemi, Xilinx, WinSystems, Intersil and Microchip Technology. More >>


Engineers develop programming language specifically for intermittent operation. More >>


Organic, polymer-based photodetectors see bandwidth and sensitivity increase after 30-second UV expo... More >>


New products from TI, CEVA, Expressif, Tektronix and Toshiba. More >>


Tesla/SolarCity unveiled a solar roof that's attractive, affordable, and integrated with batteries a... More >>


Researchers use molybdenum disulfide and carbon nanotubes to shrink transistors well below silicon l... More >>


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