The Department of Energy, The Composite Institute and others are looking for engineering internship ... More >>


Raytheon and the Student Veterans of America partner to offer $10,000 for engineering studies. More >>


University of Wisconsin-Madison lab brings students together with major IoT players. More >>


University of Notre Dame engineer will study ionic fluids and their use for carbon capture. More >>


Capstone senior design course pairs students with companies to develop solutions for process issues. More >>


Online course targets professional design and manufacturing engineers and students. More >>


New scholarship is dedicated to single parents pursing a degree in engineering. More >>


University of Tennessee engineers design a device that enables independence and accessibility. More >>


Space Flight Awareness program award acknowledges contributions to flight safety and mission success... More >>


A variety of design ideas are more important than quality of ideas in the early design cycle. More >>


When it comes to studying for finals, your first instincts are usually wrong. More >>


Technology to treat Parkinson’s disease allows for remote controlled cockroaches. More >>


Siemens offers free LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim software to students. More >>


The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge helps students develop professional skills and experience. More >>


How to inspire the next generation of bioengineers with a few wires and analog circuits. More >>


3M BIC offers student team 3D design and additive manufacturing capabilities. More >>


Student sponsorship program gives students access to reverse-engineering tools. More >>


Design competition helps engineering students develop practical aerospace skills. More >>


Contestants in this year's competition sound off on Android/Snapdragon pairing More >>


Learn from peers and industry leaders at the Rising Stars Conference in January 2016. More >>


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