A Vanderbilt mechanical engineering student is studying technology that can help overcome his paraly... More >>


Meet First, Virgin Galactic, NASA, DARPA, and more at the X-Stem symposium. More >>


The gauntlet is thrown: Can you out-MacGyver MacGyver? More >>


Craft 3D images for 3D printing and simulation with hand gestures. More >>


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Attacks the Gender Gap More >>


Project Spartan Spear is a senior design project built to launching CubeSats into orbit. More >>


Specialize in Construction Management, Transportation, or Structural Design & Construction. More >>


Talk of solving the gender gap was a prominent theme at this year’s Solidworks World. More >>


Generous donation breaks records at North Dakota State University. More >>


Control Systems Lab robot meets Vice President Joe Biden. More >>


Program focuses on LEED and sustainable design certification. More >>


Virginia engineers and scientists can earn course certificate and CEU’s in leadership. More >>


University of Toronto Engineering has one of the highest female ratios in Canada. More >>


Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineers develop a quick-dry sticky polymer. More >>


The Klein Bots from Klein, Texas have a mission to create robots for competition and help to create ... More >>


Stanford’s biomimicry analysis of bird lift might be a stepping-stone to camouflaged drones. More >>


Plush robot reads stories out loud to young children, teaches about science and engineering. More >>


SME family scholarship winners can receive as much as $70,000. More >>


Stanford researchers find electrostatic fields responsible for the majority of enzyme functions. More >>


SimScale releases web-based 3D engineering simulation software. More >>


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