Users can precisely align text to features using options located in the text property manager. More >>


A unique internship provides experience in prestigious automotive sport. More >>


Brain exploration microscope made by bioengineering University of Colorado post-grads and researcher... More >>


Communication is Key to Get People Excited about Engineering More >>


Energy absorbing fiber and games console motion technology among solutions in aviation More >>


Printer runs on common printer paper and ink. More >>


Mattel and Autodesk offer the “keys to the toy factory.” More >>


PhD candidate talks car design and gender gaps. More >>


New technology will make it faster and safer. More >>


Online cloud-based Labs for Distance Education. What’s next? More >>


Annual Goodyear STEM Career Day Event Challenges Students More >>


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) at the University of California San Die... More >>


Three freshman students at Rice University have developed a quick numbing device to make injections ... More >>


Interdisciplinary Engineering Masters for an interdisciplinary global industry. More >>


IEEE's Leadership Conference to empower women towards executive roles and combat gender disparity. More >>


A wholesale facilities renovation sets Stanford apart in sustainability. More >>


Da Vinci Junior 1.0 to bring 3D printing into classrooms and homes More >>


University of California partners with Pearson to diversify their online engineering offerings. More >>


Volunteer today for a chance to judge internal combustion and electric cars from 100 schools. More >>


Program features nine courses and a focus on leadership skills. More >>


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