Some techniques are more complicated than others when creating grate features and applying them to s... More >>


Penn State’s Office of Engineering Diversity receives NSF grant aimed to improve retention. More >>


Fillets are one of many options usable with the Freeform feature to create more complex models. More >>


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve at least considered becoming a licensed engineer or surve... More >>


See how your school ranks against 200 engineering schools according to influential list. More >>


GW prepares students for Certified Systems Engineering Professional exam More >>


Stanford finds that students that design their own data collection are better at assessing scientifi... More >>


Dan Bossi, president of FIRST, discusses how this will change the game, literally. More >>


Sixty year old Engineering Management Program Offers Tried and Tested Program Online. More >>


Missing dimensions or relations can be found by displaying entity points in assembly sketches. More >>


Users can manipulate control points while retaining original surface geometry. More >>


A video tutorial on how to turn off a file’s design history and how to use it to your advantage. More >>


Science and Entertainment Exchange collaborates with sci-fi film makers. More >>


littleBits showcased winners of the #BitOlympics, designed to promote invention and STEM. More >>


In this video tutorial, learn where to find “Copy Cage” and how to increase your number of copies. More >>


University of St. Thomas educators use play dough and simple components to inspire STEM learning. More >>


Eight-time American solar car winners aim for global glory at World Solar Challenge. More >>


Sneak peek at potential TV shows to get females and minorities into STEM. More >>


Asynchronous learning allows you to propel your credentials without taking time off work. More >>


Foreshortened dimension styles work for linear and radial dimensions when creating annotations. More >>


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