MIT engineering graduate students share their projects to increase food security and crop production... More >>


Georgia Tech offers affordable education for engineers interested in analytics for business and indu... More >>


The 2017 FIRST Robotics competition kicked off on Saturday, January 6. More >>


Two MIT graduate students provide an inside look at the school’s network of nuclear facilities desig... More >>


Research into connected vehicles aims to improve traffic safety and driverless vehicles. More >>


SimScale brings their cloud-based CAE software to engineering students around the world. More >>


Kaspersky Lab challenged teams to create blockchain-based security technology for digital voting sys... More >>


ORNL’s Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis program trains nuclear engineers for a stron... More >>


Andrea Lane presents her time in the MC2STEM's FabLab and beyond, and how it helped her to pursue ST... More >>


With the help of entrepreneurship programs, Purdue University alumnus founds a company using the tec... More >>


Harvard engineering researchers find calcite aerosols that could help cool the planet without ozone ... More >>


From earning experience in your field to extra course credit, it may be worth your while to explore ... More >>


Cyber threats during the recent U.S. election have drawn attention to the cybersecurity talent gap. More >>


New programs offer professional development and training opportunities for woman engineers working i... More >>


Young engineering professionals will find networking opportunities and informative programming on te... More >>


Sandia National Labs offers new non-destructive testing training program for engineers and inspector... More >>


Student research report outlines a last-resort technology to combat climate change. More >>


FIRST programs leads to opportunities for students to see how robotics and engineering are important... More >>


University of Michigan introduces connected automated vehicles at their simulated urban testing cent... More >>


Dutch student team sets a new world record with their Nuna 8S. More >>


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