Masters student tackles universal space docking. More >>


Excellence now and future opportunities are highlighted at the White House. More >>


Users can isolate SOLIDWORKS files from other file types using “Quick Filter” buttons. More >>


Three unique chain patterns can be created using features within SOLIDWORKS. More >>


Stanford engineers develop testing apparatus to assess skull rotation in football helmets More >>


Analytics and Big Data used to better protect and serve the Atlanta region. More >>


Add tolerances and control decimal precision even if they’re controlled by one callout. More >>


Jewelbots use open source controls and wearable bracelets to get girls interested in coding and comp... More >>


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Learn how users can create helix designs without inserting a helix spiral feature. More >>’s education editor’s take on who will be the next MacGyver More >>


Canadian university achieves almost twice the gas mileage of the next competitor. More >>


Users can move sheets using a handful of hotkey commands or by drag and dropping into a new sheet. More >>


University researchers determine importance of atomic structure of palladium/platinum catalyst. More >>


The future of STEM is about the current generation just as much as it is about the next. More >>


Free courses for STEM students and educators More >>


Learn how to properly manage your detached drawings and how they are influenced by your models. More >>


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Penn State sees this as the era of big data with the future of IoT devices and social media. More >>


Part four of a four-part career development series by Joel Erway. More >>


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