Can We Engineer Clean Drinking Water?

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INFOGRAPHIC: How The Crisis in Flint Michigan Was Caused
Staff posted on October 19, 2016 |

Access to water is a severe global issue, but it might be closer to home than some people think. This is evident in the water crisis that ensued in Flint, Mich., that led to a public health disaster.

The problem was especially dire between April 2014 and October 2015, when the water was sourced from the highly polluted Flint River. The city now takes clean water from the Detroit Water Department, so why is it still relevant today?

First, the water in the city is still not safe to drink, and it may be years before residents can trust it again. Secondly, the system that caused the Flint, Mich., disaster to happen in the first place is apparent in other drinking water systems across the U.S.

This infographic provides an overview of what happened in an engineering context. To learn about what happened in more detail, you can read up on What Happened in Flint and Why It Matters Even More Today.