Range and payloads of the country's medium and long range missiles More >>


Exploring 3,000 years of engineering in three and a half minutes. More >>


Georgia Tech engineers work to improve control and interactions of unmanned aerial vehicles. More >>


German engineers continue to develop and test the HY4, a four passenger hydrogen fuel cell aircraft. More >>


A breakthrough in controlling qubits states could be huge for the future of quantum computer archite... More >>


Chinese supercar maker shatters their own record at Germany’s famous Nürburgring More >>


RP3D has developed a desktop milling machine designed to cut materials softer than steel. More >>


Hybrid Air Vehicles returns its massive inflatable to the skies after a year of being grounded. More >>


Origami-like folds and spring-like veins provide clues for engineering applications. More >>


European X-ray Free Electron Laser lights up for the first time just outside of Hamburg. More >>


Nano-sized optical fiber can detect forces down to 160 femtonewtons. More >>


New filesharing app rises from the ashes of a crowdfunding campaign for a physical device. More >>


Researchers create anti-cancer nanomaterials by simulating volcano-induced dynamic chemistry. More >>


New smoothie maker uses magnets to get a quieter blend and smart controls to create a smoothie exact... More >>


X-37B space plane lands in Florida after nearly two years in orbit. More >>


Process for printing stretchable electronic sensors could give robots a sense of touch. More >>


Experiments have autonomous vehicle sharing the road with 20 human drivers. More >>


Touch sensing system uses electric field tomography. More >>


Interdisciplinary study urges military to adopt PV-powered microgrids. More >>


Biomimetic bone tissue with functional marrow protects donor cells. More >>


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