This car makes you hungry when it runs low on fuel (and increases your risk of a fatal accident). More >>


Microfluidic reactor aims to shed light on methane hydrate formation. More >>


System uses commercial smartphone to process real-time images of enzymatic amplification. More >>


Prototype 9 merges vintage design with modern electric vehicle technology. More >>


Sensor skin offers close to human levels of sensitivity. More >>


MegaBots Mk. III vs. Suidobashi Kuratas: who will emerge victorious? More >>


New technique allows engineers to selectively diffuse noise at different frequencies. More >>


New multiscale model could aid electrochemical reduction of CO2 to fuel. More >>


NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite used to detect localized sources of carbon dioxide. More >>


Stretchable surfaces with 3-D texture morphing mimics cephalopod papillae. More >>


A fitness tracker can help keep your dog healthy and give early detection to prolong life. More >>


New mechanical pump could transfer molten metals for renewable energy storage. More >>


Tricuspid valve annuloplasty ring incorporates predictably degrading core. More >>


Circulators built in conventional semiconductor chips could enhance autonomous driving and virtual r... More >>


Springa has developed a robotic cutter that moves over the working piece as an autonomous and portab... More >>


The paper-based flexible supercapacitor could be used to help power wearable devices. More >>


Multiple drones require multiple human operators. Now a single operator using emerging human-brain i... More >>


Snake-inspired robot from Carnegie Mellon sees first use in a disaster situation. More >>


Microsystem allows both lipid content analysis and growth rate measurement at high throughput. More >>


Harvard computer scientist Radhika Nagpal demonstrates robotics projects inspired by nature. More >>


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