Survivors of seven deceased US Navy sailors await answers from tragedy. More >>


Chemical engineering researchers explain how metal nanoparticles form. More >>


Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle from the Unversity of Michigan published the results of their su... More >>


Exploring the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles. More >>


Token can replace credit cards, passwords, and a transit card for any user. More >>


EduExo is offering an exoskeleton kit that teaches users about robotics, anatomy, control systems an... More >>


Border-surveillance system leverages AI to collect, assess and act on data in real time. More >>


Anna Mracek Dietrich from Terrafugia talks about the design and development process for her company'... More >>


Prototype phone has a power budget of 3.5 microwatts. More >>


Will a NASA mission prove that our planet can be saved from asteroids impacts? More >>


New sensor could reduce power consumption for wearables and smart devices. More >>


Researchers investigate long-term behavior of nuclear waste cement. More >>


Seawater filtering through ancient marine concrete promotes growth of interlocking minerals for adde... More >>


DARPA selects Boeing to complete its ambitious plan for a reusable spaceplane. More >>


Public Labs is running a Kickstarter campaign to launch two new balloon mapping kits and innovate th... More >>


Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) aims to transform football and rugby training. More >>


Solar cells selectively absorb near-UV wavelengths to control transmission of visible light and infr... More >>


Raytheon’s weapons test could signal a sea change in urban warfare. More >>


Neuroengineering expert calls for regulations of brain-machine interfaces. More >>


Amazon has a new vision for delivery centers, but will it ruin our urban cores? More >>


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