New process creates wood products with 10 times the strength and toughness. More >>


Interlocking, injection-molded (LEGO) blocks offer a modular solution for microfluidics. More >>


Japanese ryokan entertains guests with semi-autonomous parking technology applied to furniture and s... More >>


At A Train Station in Zhengzou, Chinese Police Officers Scan Faces for Criminals and Imposters with ... More >>


The Falcon Heavy makes its impressive and imperfect maiden flight. More >>


Sean Hodgins is developing an open source LED display system for the internet of things. More >>


Oceanic inspiration for improved aerodynamics. More >>


Lubricated plastic offers a cost-effective replacement for ice tracks. More >>


MIT researchers change the color of 3D-printed objects with ultraviolet ink. More >>


An overview of the aircraft featured at the Singapore Airshow. More >>


Hypersonic I-shaped Aerodynamic Configuration (HIAC) solves hypersonic flight problems. More >>


The future of commuting via public transit is supported by leveraging technology to promote savings ... More >>


Laser welding, unmanned air freighters and VR crew training are showcased at the airshow. More >>


GSTC 2018 promises greater foreign cooperation in space activities. More >>


Two science fairs, two hackathons and an internship—now she’s starting High School More >>


Halide perovskite helps thermochromic windows produce electricity. More >>


3D printed objects made of hydrogel morph over time and temperature changes. More >>


The launch of Explorer 1 on Jan. 31, 1958 marked the beginning of U.S. spaceflight and exploration. More >>


The iconic image of Princess Leia from Star Wars has long been the dream of hologram enthusiasts. More >>


S&T Geotronics is building replicas of the Apollo missions DSKY controllers. More >>


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