D-Orbit is launching small satellites that will perform experiments and then come back to the surfac... More >>


New design for medical implant forgoes battery, harvests energy wirelessly. More >>


JMP Engineering discusses its project to update the Rogers Centre’s iconic roof. More >>


Major air quality monitoring gaps tackled by UT Austin, EDF, Google and Aclima. More >>


The team at InMoov developed robots to convey emotions through gestures. More >>


Cell produced via industrial-scale process operates at 11.2% efficiency for over a year. More >>


New system combines 3D camera, refreshable braille display and haptic vibration belt. More >>


Analysis shows bamboo has optimal fiber distribution for lightness and toughness. More >>


The world’s first autonomous and all electric commercial ship is set to take to the seas in 2018. More >>


Exploring the challenges of building personal home robots for all. More >>


DFRobots has developed Boson blocks, a kit for educators, STEM enthusiasts and tinkerers to teach cr... More >>


Glove powered by soft robotics tech gives VR users tactile feedback. More >>


Kickstarter campaign is releasing low cost, self-adjusting 3D printer for every user. More >>


New method recovers almost 100% of water from highly concentrated salt solutions. More >>


Flippy is designed to flip hamburgers and assist restaurants with food preparation. More >>


Researchers 3D print gelatin sheets that transform when dunked in water. More >>


Engineers from Peking University have developed an underwater drone to act as a water companion and ... More >>


Rechargeable zinc batteries incorporate hyper-elastic isoprene polymer. More >>


Modular robotics, metamaterials, magic paint cans and the truth about grey goo. More >>


Engineers embed secret defects in CAD files for additive manufacturing. More >>


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