Study shows that trading tobacco for renewable energy could save thousands of lives every year. More >>


Artificial eye automatically stretches to simultaneously focus and correct astigmatism and image shi... More >>


French engineers have developed a scalable and open source system for robotics enthusiasts from entr... More >>


This week, Ian Wright and Michael Alba introduce you to our top stories: More >>


Three-legged robot for search and rescue missions can crawl, roll, jump, fold away into compact form... More >>


The model is designed to create a better picture of the emissions coming out of biorefineries. More >>


Engineers at the University of Washington have developed a method to safely charge a smartphone wire... More >>


3D printing might create submarine parts that can withstand increased ocean pressure. More >>


NanoMap enables drones to fly at 20 mph while avoiding obstacles. More >>


SIENCI’s Mill One brings CNC milling to the desktop. More >>


A British engineering student has developed a keypad interface that can hold up to 180 sequences ins... More >>


In this weekly series, we recap the top stories from around the site. More >>


"Hit-to-Kill" technology aims to improve interceptor accuracy and reduce debris. More >>


The URB-E foldable electric vehicle makes personal transportation a breeze. More >>


Scale API has released a new set of tools to collect more data and train self-driving vehicles. More >>


After a seven month cleanup effort new tools are being used to keep cleaner drains in New Orleans. More >>


New approach allows specification of desired material properties, and a computer system automaticall... More >>


This in-design radar system is capable of severe weather warning and drone detection. More >>


What happens when an advanced fighter plane squares off against a drone? It’s complicated. More >>


Danielle Wood discusses how technology developed for space now benefits citizens all over the world. More >>


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