DARPA selects Boeing to complete its ambitious plan for a reusable spaceplane. More >>


Public Labs is running a Kickstarter campaign to launch two new balloon mapping kits and innovate th... More >>


Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) aims to transform football and rugby training. More >>


Solar cells selectively absorb near-UV wavelengths to control transmission of visible light and infr... More >>


Raytheon’s weapons test could signal a sea change in urban warfare. More >>


Neuroengineering expert calls for regulations of brain-machine interfaces. More >>


Amazon has a new vision for delivery centers, but will it ruin our urban cores? More >>


Sinead Burke discusses the everyday issues she has living in a world designed without her needs in m... More >>


Stanford engineers want to use a gecko-inspired adhesive to tidy up space junk. More >>


How UAVs are shaping the future of warfare, recreation and everything in between. More >>


The University of Michigan will add a driverless shuttle to its student transportation fleet. More >>


New microfluidic tool for cellular research cuts cells 200 times faster than traditional methods. More >>


Richard Browning discusses the ups and downs of developing a personal jet suit. More >>


New design using body heat rivals existing wearable electronic power sources. More >>


A new tank-mounted cannon can shell a target from 7 miles away. What’s a gun like that good for? More >>


ORA Graphene Headphones are using nanotechnology to build a high fidelity listening experience. More >>


NASA engineers begin final three months of testing in vacuum. More >>


Examining our best prospects for building materials, ensuring stability and combating orbital debris... More >>


Ever hear the one about the engineer and the light-bulb? More >>


New processing method yields low density steel-based alloys with high strength and flexibility. More >>


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