Spatial Flux is a project from the City Science branch of MIT's Media Lab, developing soft robots fo... More >>


Research by MIT shows electrically charging planes would reduce their risk of being struck by lightn... More >>


This Week in Engineering is a video series covering our most engaging stories. More >>


New research shows the ocean dwellers might hold the key to color-matching camouflage. More >>


Tiny bot uses an innovative propulsion method to handle rugged microscopic terrain. More >>


Microscope with no lenses may be the world’s tiniest. More >>


Creator of RaspiBoy is back with a new gaming system, and this one ships fully assembled. More >>


The robot called DASH uses the momentum of a head-on crash to tip itself upward to climb a wall. More >>


Human-like electronic skin technology paves a new path for biomedical devices, robotics engineering ... More >>


The Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force is working to restore the Yellow Rose B-25 bom... More >>


Patient-specific models in high-tech heart simulator test options, prevent complications. More >>


This weekly video series covers science and engineering news highlights. More >>


Though nature offers excellent design inspirations in some information technology systems, in other ... More >>


New military vehicle technology aims to reduce blast-induced brain injuries. More >>


Nottingham scientists’ research on mixed ice may influence future aircraft coatings. More >>


The Cat S61 may be the rugged smartphone perfect for engineers, industrial trades. More >>


Advances in recently invented optical rectenna boost light-to-electricity conversion efficiency and ... More >>


Study claims a reliable, blackout-free renewable power grid is within reach. More >>


The friction energy produced from body movementcould power portable electronic devices, removing the... More >>


NASA scientists adapt technologies to produce its first planetary wind LIDAR. More >>


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