Engineers remove symmetrical distortions from microwaves to see through walls of unknown materials. More >>


Backscatter system replaces electrical components with springs, gears and switches. More >>


IBM and MIT’s Moments in Time Dataset will help computers with action recognition. More >>


Visual foresight enables robots to predict what their cameras will see based on their movements. More >>


Advancement in dielectrophoresis could lead to better handheld disease diagnostics. More >>


Latent heat illustrates the problem with minimizing bumper-to-bumper spacing at an intersection. More >>


Keller Rinaudo and his engineers at Zipline discuss their system of on-demand blood delivery in Rwan... More >>


Engineers show how 3D printing can unlock fluorescence microscopy at home. More >>


Singapore engineers have developed a board pinned like a stripboard, with its own variable power sup... More >>


Origami-inspired actuators made for less than $1 can lift 1,000 times their own weight. More >>


Optoelectronic tweezes hint at mass production via optical traps. More >>


Pine and poplar increase efficiency of water-to-steam conversion under sunlight. More >>


Engineers develop polymer scaffold to coax nerve cells to extend over damage. More >>


Swansea team releases paper on how geometry of nanowires can affect conductive performance. More >>


Customizable and open source gaming system lets users build and program their own hand held gaming s... More >>


Researchers manufacture microscale test pieces to isolate strength-giving compounds in concrete. More >>


Caltech engineers uncover insights for planning and responding to drought conditions. More >>


Robert Muggah from the Igarape Institute talks about the major crises facing cities today and offers... More >>


New coating cuts down on reflected light and overheating, increasing overall efficiency by 20%. More >>


Spider silk can be used as tiny airflow sensors providing super-efficient sound wave detection. More >>


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