Researchers adapt the Fischer-Tropsch process to produce alcohols and aldehydes for industrial use. More >>


New data transmission technique could achieve 65 TB per second over transoceanic cables. More >>


Researchers demonstrate all the necessary components for linking quantum computers together. More >>


Metamaterial building blocks shape sound waves for better speakers, ultrasounds. More >>


Engineers studied the classic Nintendo game and classified it as PSPACE-complete. More >>


Will the latest achievements in fundamental research have a major impact on engineering? More >>


Emerging NewSpace company joins short list of proven rocket engine manufacturers. More >>


Genovation Extreme Electric Car has a top speed of 205.6 mph. More >>


New configuration for CST-100 Starliner could carry crew to ISS starting in 2018. More >>


MIT scientists and engineers achieve over two atmospheres of plasma pressure for the first time. More >>


Roboming is a personal robot currently running an indiegogo funding campaign. More >>


The Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group is intended to make AI accessible to everyo... More >>


Proposal for an off-world nation faces myriad technological and legal hurdles. More >>


Elastomer coating simulates epidermal skin layer to seal in moisture. More >>


8bitdo is crowdfunding AP40, a controller celebrating Apple's 40th anniversary, allowing users to pl... More >>


JOLED uses ultrasound to turn tiny, multi-colored spheres into pixels for floating displays. More >>


Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 features augmented reality and a zero-emissions drive unit. More >>


PRODRONE’s new L-shaped airframe can crawl along vertical and horizontal surfaces. More >>


MIT engineers develop wetsuit material that mimics beaver and otter fur. More >>


Belly Bands worn by high-risk pregnant women alert doctors in case of premature contractions. More >>


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