Heineken and KLM Royal Dutch collaborate to give passengers beer on-tap. More >>


Gyro-stabilized C-1 aims to reduce urban automobile emissions. More >>


Flare Audio is crowdfunding a new earplug designed to block sound waves and prevent damage to our he... More >>


Portable sensor detects trace amounts of gluten in food at restaurants. More >>


Biorobotic sensing systems could be used in homeland security applications. More >>


Another ambitious flying car design that’s unlikely to reach the mass market. More >>


Illustrating a century of autonomous vehicle development. More >>


Miniature soft-tissue robot uses rat muscle cells modified to respond to light. More >>


Piezoelectric inkjet printing improves water boiling in industrial and electronics applications. More >>


Engineers turn to 3D printing for arthritis treatment. More >>


New wearable could be the best (or worst) thing since standing desks. More >>


Engineers and Researchers at the Lowell Observatory are raising funds to restore the telescope that ... More >>


Infographic illustrates the past, present and future of autonomous vehicles. More >>


Wearable system for asthma attack prevention. More >>


Is the Michigan Micro Mote the world’s smallest computer? More >>


Andrew Pelling discusses his ideas about play and recycling. In his UOttawa lab he grows ears out of... More >>


A paper battery designed like an origami ninja star could power biosensors. More >>


Tropical Labs is running a successful Kickstarter campaign for Mechaduino, their open source and Ard... More >>


Technology company transforms fabric into antibacterial textile through sonochemistry. More >>


Will they find hidden electric motors in the Tour de France? Will engineers be to blame? More >>


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