Study examines social media’s influence on human/robot interactions over time. More >>


Computational imaging approach has applications in microscopy, self-driving cars. More >>


Engineers use Tethered Pelvic Assist Device to increase patient stability while walking. More >>


Kamau Gachigi presents some of the projects at Nairobi's Fab Lab. More >>


Third phase of hyperloop testing sees speeds of 240 mph. More >>


Quanta Image Sensor reliably captures and counts single photons at thousands of frames per second. More >>


Unique experiment reveals what happens when hard-boiled eggs explode in the microwave. More >>


From flying cars to grey goo, a look back on our favorite Designer Edge features from 2017. More >>


Study examines results reported in thousands of papers on metal organic framework materials. More >>


New tool for makers combines meter, data logger and oscilloscope. Compact and controlled with an app... More >>


Princeton researchers find layering in cafe lattes yields insights for engineering. More >>


MIT engineers create light-emitting nanobionic plants. More >>


An AImotive-equipped self-driving car goes highway speed in Bay Area traffic. More >>


MIT Media Lab project has developed a new RFID relay system and attached it to drones for inventory ... More >>


Still struggling to find a holiday gift for the engineer in your life? Check out these 10 suggestion... More >>


New research shows ultrafast cooling results in novel microstructures. More >>


Porous perovskite nanofibers can help to reduce the cost of metal-air batteries. More >>


Engineers develop portable method for checking blood sugar levels. More >>


Material science research may be about to get a boost with the aid of an automated smart database. More >>


LOLISTRAW is made from a seaweed base and hyper compostable. More >>


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