NASA and Boeing engineers collaborate on Spanwise Adaptive Wing design. More >>


Study concludes hybrids and EVs really do result in less emissions and are less expensive overall. More >>


3D-printed surfaces are ‘taught’ how to self-fold. More >>


Free-standing, flexible film has applications for corrosion resistance, self-cleaning and more. More >>


World record Lego bridge snaps together at the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. More >>


Hydrogen-fueled buses can also be used as mobile power stations in emergencies. More >>


Engineers develop nanofiber-embedded flooring for roadside energy harvesting. More >>


Researchers present new methods for data preparation and problem specification. More >>


The ESA has lost contact with the Schiaparelli lander, a critical component of its ExoMars 2016 miss... More >>


Latest Stanford Ising machine replaces controllable optical delays with digital electronic circuit. More >>


Holovect is crowdfunding its new project that displays vector holographs. More >>


Biometrics team studies new methods for calibrating fingerprint scanners. More >>


Can’t stand standing in line? The ProPILOT Chair may be the answer. More >>


Dense Footprint Cache is a novel method for storing frequently accessed data. More >>


Todd Coleman from UC San Diego discusses his project using flexible monitors to track fetal health. More >>


Access to water is a severe global issue – but it might be closer to home than some people think. More >>


Safeguarding clean drinking water requires so much more than just operating a water treatment plant. More >>


Small-scale utilities are often prescribed conventional water treatment systems without enough overs... More >>


With ancient pipelines and decades-old technology, the industry of “dumb” water infrastructure is ch... More >>


Corroding pipes, a polluted river, a cost-saving decision. Flint is far from an isolated case. More >>


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