Bicycle doping, the frankenbroom, polyurethane swimsuits, carbon fiber prosthetics and neuropriming. More >>


Onion is crowdfunding their tiny Linux computer, designed for makers, engineers and students. More >>


Applying heat and light stimulates material self-assembly. More >>


Vaccine developed to fight Ebola, influenza and a common parasite can be manufactured in a week. More >>


Ziyan UAV does away with quadcopter design in its drones. More >>


Direct injection engines emit lower levels of CO2 but also produce more climate-warming black carbon... More >>


Engineers from OSOP are crowdfunding the Raspberry Shake, a personal seismograph unit that works wit... More >>


Microfluidic device distinguishes cells based on how they respond to acoustic vibrations. More >>


RAMST is designed to alleviate astronaut fatigue. More >>


Massoud Hassani is crowdfunding his drone that will detect and safely detonate landmines. More >>


FoldiMate Family eliminates the tedious chore of folding and ironing clothes (sort of). More >>


Vittoria Colizza presents GLEAM, a simulation tool used to predict and combat the spread of disease. More >>


Gravity gradiometry sensor finds resources beneath the Earth’s surface. More >>


Flexible sensors detect pressure and send signals for sensory input. More >>


Video-trained system could help robots understand how objects interact with the world. More >>


UK Robotics firm PiBorg is launching a racing league for autonomous robots. Users can become team ow... More >>


Engineers mimic properties of octopus tentacles to make adhesive pads. More >>


How to create a multiuse carbon foam from ordinary bread. More >>


Space agency teams with UK’s Reaction Engines for a dual-mode rocket. More >>


Engineered cells can perform complex calculations. More >>


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