Thermosyphon Cooler Hybrid System uses liquid refrigerant to reduce wastewater from datacenters. More >>


Policy outlines 15-point safety assessment for design, development and testing of self-driving cars. More >>


Coral health depends on temperature, wave and pressure dynamics. More >>


Electrochemical cell turns captured carbon dioxide into electricity and a useful carbon byproduct. More >>


Engineers use ‘Network Cookies’ to preserve open internet access. More >>


Electrochemical electrolysis extracts hydrogen from urea and water. More >>


Boeing and Saab ready fifth-generation jet fighter trainer in the hopes of capturing a US Air Force ... More >>


Promobot makes yet another bid for freedom from its laboratory confinement. More >>


Small chip could pave the way to better treatments for neuromuscular disorders like ALS. More >>


The art of kirigami used to create flexible material geometries that change on demand. More >>


Iowa engineers are crowdfunding their robotic hand for education and prosthetic research. More >>


San Diego engineers are crowdfunding their personal water propulsion device. More >>


Embedded optical sensor tells doctors when a needle is positioned correctly. More >>


MIT aerospace engineers develop new method for reducing delamination using carbon nanotubes. More >>


A successful Kickstarter campaign is funding a low cost waterjet cutter. More >>


New structural composite heals in temperatures below freezing. More >>


Deep reinforcement learning could be the key to improving rush-hour delays. More >>


The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will use fiber optics and robots to map the stars an... More >>


Hitachi announces a new offshore wind turbine that claims to pick up even the lightest of breezes. More >>


Engineers develop novel method of microbot locomotion. More >>


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