At Lenovo’s Tech World 2016, the first Tango-enabled consumer smartphone was finally unveiled. More >>


Research team reports 95 percent of carbon dioxide injected into basalt solidified in under two year... More >>


Biotic and abiotic hydrocarbons in nature. More >>


Waverly Labs is running an Indiegogo campaign for Pilot, the Smart Earpiece Language Translator. More >>


Zinc oxide nanoparticles facilitate phosphorus uptake in food crops. More >>


Smart device is running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their device that activates when u... More >>


Bones and shells inspire bottom-up framework for designing stronger and more sustainable concrete. More >>


Engineers at Domino's DLAB have developed robot to autonomously deliver pizza. More >>


Captain America’s shield, a brain-inspired processor, an exploding lake and more. More >>


Students at CTU developed a shell prosthesis for a leopard tortoise. Other 3D printed animal prosthe... More >>


Advancement in microfluidics could improve wearable medical devices. More >>


Ingestible robot offers less-invasive alternative to surgery. More >>


Is this the beginning of practical home robotics or just another high-tech toy? More >>


BioLite is running a Kickstarter campaign for their smartphone controlled flatpack lantern. More >>


The Chem-Phys patch monitors both biochemical and electric signals in the human body at the same tim... More >>


Using biomimicry and a highly-abundant mineral to develop new fabrication materials. More >>


Sikorsky and AHS International unveil “Hover for a Day” Challenge. More >>


Michael Sung from HKUST explains his process for synthesizing graphene, and possible applications in... More >>


Texas engineers have built a system that uses three dimensional objects to create a three dimensiona... More >>


Using adaptive design to reveal targeted properties in a shape-memory alloy. More >>


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