Acoustic voxels embed sound with data for copyrighting and information sharing applications. More >>


Chinese government shares concept images of Mars probe and rover. More >>


Engineers make a significant breakthrough in resistive force theory. More >>


3D-printed structures regain their original shapes in response to heat. More >>


Engineers use in-home sensor data to prevent the elderly from falling. More >>


Plasmonic gratings bring optical microscope resolution down to 65 nanometers. More >>


Soft robot is powered by a chemical reaction controlled by microfluidics. More >>


COWAROBOT is crowdfunding a suitcase that avoids objects and follows you. More >>


Ultra-wide band pulsed radar enables inspection of underground infrastructure. More >>


Researchers have successfully developed a device that utilises MRAM technology on a flexible plastic... More >>


Nanostructured device produces disinfectants to kill bacteria in water using visible light. More >>


Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 boasts augmented reality windshield and biomonitoring sensors. More >>


New device converts solar energy into hydrogen at an efficiency of 14.2 percent. More >>


Engineers find vulnerabilities by intentionally adding swarms of bugs to source code. More >>


Engineers advance soft tissue injury treatment using an inorganic component found in bone. More >>


MIT, Princeton, and Maine students are crowdfunding a timekeeper that counts in binary numbers. More >>


Model S PD100 goes from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. More >>


Applying a direct current field across glass reduces its melting temperature. More >>


A new approach for soft robots or (even better) creating Batman’s cape. More >>


Biohybrid robots use sea slug's I2 muscle to crawl like a sea turtle. More >>


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