FarmBot Genesis lets you program your garden and automate food production. More >>


Recent quote from NASA administrator hints that the ISS could be up for sale one day soon. More >>


Research shows first 30 seconds contribute 100 - 300 miles-worth of emissions in new cars. More >>


New lenses reveal nanoscale details invisible to conventional microscopes. More >>


Volvo aims for two world land speed record with its Iron Knight semi-truck. More >>


Autonomous urban flying vehicles could resolve increasing traffic congestion. More >>


Space Robotics Challenge offers $1 million prize to program a virtual Robonaut R5. More >>


Drexel University researchers use new bot fabrication method, reducing tech constraints. More >>


Cellular memory storage uses DNA to record duration and intensity of events in human cells. More >>


Simon Monk is crowdfunding his MonkMakes Protoboard, a board designed to give extra room for proof o... More >>


Interscatter communication converts Bluetooth signals to Wi-Fi over the air. More >>


New concrete formulation could change infrastructure and construction around the globe. More >>


Both companies will use the same base vehicle for their autonomous car strategies. More >>


Microcapsules containing turn-on fluorescence indicators incorporated into polymeric materials. More >>


Bending sound waves has applications in infrastructure, energy, medicine and information processing. More >>


Haptic feedback–enabled shoes help keep the disabled and low gravity walkers from stumbling. More >>


New approach predicts optimum design for acoustic filters, minimizing the trial-and-error process. More >>


eROT prototype replaces hydraulic dampers with electromechanical rotary dampers. More >>


Study shows natural microstructures in transparent wood offer lighting and insulation advantages. More >>


Swiss engineers have developed a compact jet engine for watersports enthusiasts. More >>


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