A new laser-etched window coating could bring better communications to passenger trains. More >>


Polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel heart valves don’t decompose and cannot be contaminated. More >>


New hydrogen fuel cell—powered concept vehicle might just replace the Humvee. More >>


Startup called Kernel announces plan to create a brain prosthetic to prevent memory problems. More >>


Lockheed Martin’s football-field-sized LMH-1 will provide logistical support to isolated regions. More >>


CNH Industrial unveils concept autonomous tractor technology. More >>


Michigan entrepreneurs are crowdfunding a new modular drone system intended to push forward the fiel... More >>


Engineers develop rotary actuators based on pneumatically driven elastomeric structures. More >>


Final stages of telescope’s life brings new discoveries and new engineering challenges. More >>


Reducing droplet bounce rate helps pesticides stick to leaves. More >>


Research with swarm robots leads to breakthrough in machine learning. More >>


Acoustic voxels embed sound with data for copyrighting and information sharing applications. More >>


Chinese government shares concept images of Mars probe and rover. More >>


Engineers make a significant breakthrough in resistive force theory. More >>


3D-printed structures regain their original shapes in response to heat. More >>


Engineers use in-home sensor data to prevent the elderly from falling. More >>


Plasmonic gratings bring optical microscope resolution down to 65 nanometers. More >>


Soft robot is powered by a chemical reaction controlled by microfluidics. More >>


COWAROBOT is crowdfunding a suitcase that avoids objects and follows you. More >>


Ultra-wide band pulsed radar enables inspection of underground infrastructure. More >>


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