DARPA-funded design is the first to receive FDA approval. More >>


Algorithm uses data from wearable devices to infer PINs and passwords. More >>


The first space mining mission has been announced. Could it change the fortunes of the planet and on... More >>


Fish eyes inspire lens for improved night vision. More >>


NASA tests a new high-speed camera that sees more than meets the eye. More >>


QRC-2 Robots at the Qingdao Beer Festival have broken a world record. More >>


Will a 3D-printed robotic worm be your doctor’s newest diagnostic tool? More >>


Can the destructive force of a fire tornado be harnessed to increase fuel efficiency and clean the o... More >>


The USAF has declared that the first variant of its fifth-generation F-35 fighter is combat ready. More >>


Slant Robotics is crowdfunding a 3D printed arm to help educators teach STEM and robotics. More >>


ASU researchers close to fulfilling a budding super-villain’s dream. More >>


Infographic illustrates engineering, legal and ethical challenges to self-driving vehicles. More >>


Bicycle doping, the frankenbroom, polyurethane swimsuits, carbon fiber prosthetics and neuropriming. More >>


Onion is crowdfunding their tiny Linux computer, designed for makers, engineers and students. More >>


Applying heat and light stimulates material self-assembly. More >>


Vaccine developed to fight Ebola, influenza and a common parasite can be manufactured in a week. More >>


Ziyan UAV does away with quadcopter design in its drones. More >>


Direct injection engines emit lower levels of CO2 but also produce more climate-warming black carbon... More >>


Engineers from OSOP are crowdfunding the Raspberry Shake, a personal seismograph unit that works wit... More >>


Microfluidic device distinguishes cells based on how they respond to acoustic vibrations. More >>


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