Study shows natural microstructures in transparent wood offer lighting and insulation advantages. More >>


Swiss engineers have developed a compact jet engine for watersports enthusiasts. More >>


What technologies will NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission demonstrate and when will it fly? More >>


Chinese government aims for unhackable communications. More >>


Nanorobotic agents navigate the bloodstream to deliver drugs directly to tumors. More >>


Study shows vast majority of drivers could get by on overnight charging alone. More >>


Britan’s Ministry of Defense attempt to predict and then invent future wartime tech. More >>


A new AI system could make life safer for first responders in the very near future. More >>


Ken Goldberg discusses four robotic projects from his career, and looks at the human traits inside t... More >>


Infiniti VC-T a breakthrough in internal-combustion powertrain technology. More >>


Nanocrystalline material makes white light out of blue for visible-light communication. More >>


Scania has developed the world’s first electric road in Sweden, enabling vehicles to be electric pow... More >>


Research at Johns Hopkins aims to improve cybersecurity in future drone designs. More >>


New advancement in automotive technology brings a solid oxide fuel cell-powered system with the e-Bi... More >>


Small-scale satellite telescope mirror design could influence larger applications. More >>


Bloomsky is crowdfunding their smart weather camera system, designed to broadcast local weather info... More >>


DARPA-funded design is the first to receive FDA approval. More >>


Algorithm uses data from wearable devices to infer PINs and passwords. More >>


The first space mining mission has been announced. Could it change the fortunes of the planet and on... More >>


Fish eyes inspire lens for improved night vision. More >>


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