Espro's Travel Press system brings what the company has learned about brewing to people who drink co... More >>


How levels of automation, Tesla’s fatal crash and trolley problems impact autonomous vehicles. More >>


Engineers develop magnetic ink for self-healing batteries, sensors and wearable circuits. More >>


White House aims to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. More >>


Lockheed Martin launches Vector Hawk UAV from Marlin MK2 AUV. More >>


Morphing wing is based on tiny subunits that could be assembled by specialized robots. More >>


New method could contain radioactive iodine for millions of years. More >>


OpenBCI and Voodoo Manufacturing teamed up for a large scale 3D printing project, building assemblie... More >>


Generalized learning in neural network construction could be a leap forward for AI. More >>


Flexible wearable device measures sweat to determine when you’ve had enough to drink. More >>


Bio-Indicator Lidar Instrument could be used to detect organic bio-signatures. More >>


Isotropic, near-net-shape neodymium-iron-boron bonded magnets made with big area additive manufactur... More >>


Zeynep Tufekci talks about how bias can be built into machine intelligence, and why humans will be r... More >>


Shape memory polymer enhances tensile actuation of coiled muscle fibers. More >>


New study demonstrates how to control light with light using at a fraction of the energy cost. More >>


Engineers propose novel method to create frequency reconfigurable antennas. More >>


New device combines solar cell and battery for improved energy storage. More >>


GuidaBot receives NSF grant for magnetic resonance imaging robotic manipulator technology. More >>


How to celebrate Halloween with a 60,000-psi waterjet, NASA and molten aluminum. More >>


Research focuses on 2010 earthquakes in Chile and 2011 earthquake in New Zealand. More >>


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