After a 2015 launch, BetterBack is back with an updated product to help back pain and posture traini... More >>


Researchers devise a mathematical model to help design soft robots that move in a specified trajecto... More >>


PiSolMan efficiently powers, monitors and manages projects using the Raspberry Pi Zero. More >>


Researchers use non-invasive EEGs to control a robotic arm via thoughts. More >>


Kickstarter campaign is funding a project that lets you play records without the record player. More >>


Boeing and Saab to land deal with US Air Force to provide service with next gen jet fighter trainer. More >>


KOMA Elektronik is crowdfunding the FIELD KIT, their system for creating experimental electroacousti... More >>


Could self-healing chips be the first manmade objects to travel from Earth to Alpha Centauri? More >>


Newly developed metric measures jumping agility in robots and animals. More >>


Collaboration with BMW and IBM to test advanced IoT in automobiles. More >>


Harnessing wasted braking energy using flywheels could save big on energy and cost of public trains. More >>


Researchers develop stretchable optical waveguides through four-step soft lithography process. More >>


Shopping for the engineer in your life? Here are some ideas! More >>


qBiq can monitor temperature, humidity, light intenstity or motion. A Kickstarter campaign is underw... More >>


The Tangible Media Group from MIT has a modular robot that looks like a snake but has limitless poss... More >>


New system of computational multicopter design allows for custom, purpose-built drones. More >>


Researchers use transcranial magnetic stimulation to guide players through a hidden maze. More >>


Carbon nanotubes in plant leaves can detect explosive chemical compounds in groundwater. More >>


A team of Stanford engineers has developed a microscope that can be built using only a dollar's wort... More >>


Toy race cars that can sense the track and fire on each other are just the beginning. More >>


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