How to celebrate Halloween with a 60,000-psi waterjet, NASA and molten aluminum. More >>


Research focuses on 2010 earthquakes in Chile and 2011 earthquake in New Zealand. More >>


Infinitesimal computing device contributes to meeting Feynman’s challenge. More >>


Engineered Rigging’s system can replace rail bridge spans in a day. More >>


Just add water to produce antibiotics, vaccines, therapeutics and biochemicals. More >>


Natural disaster leads to innovation and new technology. More >>


NIST researchers demonstrate that holograms need not be created with lasers. More >>


Orbital ATK and Vulcan Aerospace collaborate on Stratolaunch Carrier Aircraft for small satellite la... More >>


Vanadium dioxide metadevice responds to variations in electrical current. More >>


Makeblock is crowdfunding a six propeller drone with modular capabilities. More >>


Haptic feedback enabled via electrocorticographic electrodes. More >>


A new parasail-like device extends sensor and radar ranges for U.S. Navy craft. More >>


Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles Laboratory expects car to exceed 65 mph. More >>


Soap made from renewable sources could reduce the number of chemicals in cleaning products. More >>


Social neuroscience robot performs sequential patch-clamping without a human operator. More >>


All of Tesla's cars will have self-driving hardware onboard. Will it ever be switched on? More >>


Researchers develop sensors that can profile tumor protease levels. More >>


Uber’s Otto and Anheuser-Busch bring of 51,744 cans of Budweiser to Colorado Springs. More >>


Researchers find fish attracted to robots that mimic their appearance and motion. More >>


Digital manufacturing procedure rapidly fabricates microphysiological systems. More >>


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