The high resolution micro endoscope (HRME) was developed to assist developing nation healthcare prov... More >>


Biaxial tension causes deformation of elastomer block into flat surface. More >>


Time-division multiple access control protocol enables robotic operation without line-of-sight. More >>


Researchers develop thread that can report on patients’ overall health. More >>


FORPHEUS is the world’s first robotic table tennis tutor. More >>


BAE Systems POSYDON to provide precise global positioning in the ocean depths. More >>


Italian engineers are crowdfunding a new personal aircraft that changes the way people currently par... More >>


Interdisciplinary software/hardware project to combine audio, visual and physical elements. More >>


Engineers use molecular-beam epitaxy to create new multiferroic material. More >>


Analysis identifies nearly 20 percent of binary alloys as candidates for bulk metallic glass. More >>


The lock redesigns current number pads and randomizes the user's PIN number for added security. More >>


Lockheed Martin’s Legion Pod supports collaborative targeting in radar-denied environments. More >>


EQ-Radio is 87 percent accurate at detecting excitement, happiness, anger or sadnesss. More >>


Thermosyphon Cooler Hybrid System uses liquid refrigerant to reduce wastewater from datacenters. More >>


Policy outlines 15-point safety assessment for design, development and testing of self-driving cars. More >>


Coral health depends on temperature, wave and pressure dynamics. More >>


Electrochemical cell turns captured carbon dioxide into electricity and a useful carbon byproduct. More >>


Engineers use ‘Network Cookies’ to preserve open internet access. More >>


Electrochemical electrolysis extracts hydrogen from urea and water. More >>


Boeing and Saab ready fifth-generation jet fighter trainer in the hopes of capturing a US Air Force ... More >>


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