New keyboard made out of silicone rubber and programmed through machine learning is flexible, tough ... More >>


Johns Hopkins University developed an e-dermis that enables amputees with prosthetic hands to gain a... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our weekly science and tech news show. More >>


Contract opens up competition for military payload launches to private space companies. More >>


Researches develop a washable e-textile that controls home appliances with a simple finger swipe. More >>


Cynthia Sung from the University of Pennsylvania demonstrates her Interactive Robogami system. More >>


Kyushu University researches develop a robotic bloodhound that can track odors on the ground. More >>


Software learns typical kitchen prep sequence, then accurately predicts what chef will do next in a ... More >>


Scribit is an MIT developed robot that can create wall art, and then erase it. More >>


A newly developed stealth sheet can hide hot objects like human bodies or military vehicles from inf... More >>


New printing technique using magnetized ink could be used to develop remotely controlled biomedical ... More >>


Koolmorf Widesen is recording an album with the fifty piece Logos robotic orchestra. More >>


New wireless technology could result in smaller and less invasive medical devices in the body. More >>


This Week in Engineering is our weekly science and engineering news show. More >>


AlterEgo is a wearable device that takes non-verbal inputs from the user. More >>


Project gives at-risk youth in Cali, Colombia, a chance to develop advanced manufacturing skills and... More >>


Outlets with basic AI can “learn” to identify appliances and dangerous electrical spikes. More >>


Giada Gerboni demonstrates her work with soft robots. More >>


A recently published study offers a set of recommendations—based on hard data—to reduce the risk of ... More >>


New mechanical keyboard built to look like a typewriter, function like a custom keyboard. More >>


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