Small reactor converts water and methane into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. More >>


From Elon Musk to Hyperloop One, we review the progress on the fifth mode of transportation. More >>


AZIO talks about the development of keyboards using natural materials, and the benefits and challeng... More >>


Deep learning technique has applications in robotics, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality. More >>


A soft robot with a unique method of movement could prove invaluable in rescue efforts. More >>


High school student’s design absorbs cadmium, cobalt, copper, mercury, nickel and lead. More >>


The Royal Navy begins construction of its next generation frigate, but is the boat needed in this ce... More >>


Flexible medical bio-glue sticks to wet surfaces without toxicity. More >>


Manu Prakash talks about his paper centrifuge and the idea that frugal science will bring useful hea... More >>


Software converts models for rigidly articulated devices to flexible, elastic mechanisms. More >>


NASA interrupts communication with its Martian rovers thanks to the Sun. More >>


What makes the USS Gerald R Ford a big show of force also makes it a big target More >>


Researchers use water displacement as a shape sensor for reconstructing complex objects. More >>


The U.S. and Australia test a hypersonic rocket in the deep outback. How close are we to hypersonic ... More >>


Exploring the economic and engineering challenges of off-world mining. More >>


Deep Space Gateway is, “essentially a robotic spacecraft well-suited for humans,” says NextSTEP mana... More >>


Calculations show we’ve created 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics since the early 1950s. More >>


Project Dandelion has graduated from Google's Moonshot Factory and is now offering innovative geothe... More >>


Kitables has developed a monthly kit for makers to build confidence and skillsets. More >>


The U.S. Navy turns to texting to revitalize a reliable, yet underused communication technique. More >>


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