The Webster Challenge is a fundraising campaign to restore the Apollo 11 control center before the 5... More >>


Monitoring printer motion, sounds and using gold nanoparticles to verify part integrity. More >>


Overview of the major players in self-driving cars and their progress so far. More >>


Inlet nozzles create vortex to power plasma ejection. More >>


Sources for STEM inspiration. More >>


Splash Lab develops science behind improved watercraft design. More >>


Spectral transmission-reflectance-intensity (TRI)-Analyzer handles blood, urine and saliva samples. More >>


Citizen Scientific Workshop is crowdfunding Plantoids, a robotics platform designed to protect and d... More >>


Algorithm sources and processes associated words and images for novel mindreading card trick. More >>


Wearable the size of a Band-Aid stimulates sweat to monitor health while patients are resting. More >>


Jason Wu from Rutgers has built an Arduino controlled microcentrifuge for less than $100. More >>


Gradient light interference microscopy helps with imaging thick, multicellular samples. More >>


Manufacturing a new class of aircraft carrier with 3D modeling software for the first time. More >>


Microbot origami use magnetic energy to capture and transport single cells. More >>


Water repelling properties of circada wings could yield insights into new surface technologies. More >>


Engineers develop wearable device that reduces activity in lower back muscles. More >>


Reebok has designed a new boot for astronauts, but what’s the benefit? More >>


Engineers at Deeper Lock have built a smarter, tougher bike lock. More >>


Kalashnikov has introduced an AI-driven cannon. Does it represent a change in how war will be conduc... More >>


From drainage and wastewater management to hotel and resort construction. More >>


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