The engineering dean of FAMU-FSU discusses the science behind the development of a lightsaber. More >>


Bio-inspired robot could lead to breakthroughs in cardiac medicine. More >>


English engineer is building desktop foam cutting machine, using G-code to make finished parts. More >>


When it comes to processing power, the human brain just can’t be beat -- for now. More >>


ServoShock 2 is Kickstarting a system that can control 12 servos with a PlayStation 4 controller. More >>


Images and video transmitted between Beijing and Vienna using quantum key distribution. More >>


Automated drug discovery leads Eve the robot scientist to identify triclosan as inhibiting parasite ... More >>


Colorado team makes advances in bio-inspired soft robotics. More >>


Nanoparticle Catalysts Can Help Reduce Agricultural Pollution. More >>


Soyapi Mumba outlines engineering work he's done to make healthcare in Malawi faster and more effici... More >>


Millimeter-scale Delta robot has applications in microsurgery, microassembly and micromanipulation. More >>


New process enables high strength nanofibers suited for lightweight body armor. More >>


Multifaceted design of mantis shrimp club offers inspiration for advanced composite materials. More >>


Engineers make wearable sensors for plants, enabling measurements of water use in crops. More >>


New additive manufacturing method controls fiber orientation in epoxy composites. More >>


Cornell Researchers Use Biomimicry to Emulate Bee Brains. More >>


Ultralight bottle is a vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottle that comes in at sixteen ounces and ... More >>


Robot baby shows infants inhale four times as much biomatter as adults walking across the same floor... More >>


Boeing has released a new octocopter that might one day be capable of transporting 500 pounds. More >>


Cryogenics and 3D printing combine to replicate mechanical properties of organs. More >>


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