U.S. Army research engineers develop materials that adjust and strengthen when exposed to ultraviole... More >>


This Week in Engineering (TWIE) is our science news highlights show. More >>


ELIA Frames have been developed as 'the world's most intuitive tactile reading system' - can they re... More >>


A recently published study outlines a method by which anyone with a personal 3D printer can build th... More >>


Hannah Burckstummer from Merck discusses the current status of organic cells and how to move toward ... More >>


UCLA researchers use deep learning to turn a smartphone into a lab-quality microscope. More >>


Tech holds new promise for improved map apps and self-driving vehicle navigation. More >>


Exoskeleton measures and corrects spinal movement and development. More >>


New multimeter system puts the computing power in the probes and leaves the bulky body behind. More >>


Researchers and companies are working to use fungi in new and interesting ways. More >>


This Week in Engineering is our engineering news highlights show. More >>


Korean engineers have developed a water bottle purification system that relies on manual pumping. More >>


Purdue University startup modernizes rockoons, high-altitude balloons for rocket launching. More >>


New Surveying Method Takes the Guesswork and Delays Out of Ground Investigation. More >>


Researchers have developed a kirigami-inspired polymer that could change our ability to produce effe... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our science news highlights show! More >>


A team of Chinese engineers has developed an updatable LCD display just barely thicker than standard... More >>


ProjectBoard is designed to let engineers, designers and students collaborate with a community to re... More >>


Best before? Not anymore! McMaster University develops "Sentinel Wrap" that can tell if food had gon... More >>


Robin Sterling is running crowdfunding campaign for his shield that will control Nixie tubes. More >>


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