Alex Eames has developed a customizable night light that runs on an Arduino Uno clone. More >>


Samson Sky is working to finish assembly of a flying car, with first flight anticipated later this y... More >>


Disney unveiled a flying stunt double robot that can pose like superheroes. More >>


Robot uses a textured "skin" to express how it feels. More >>


Research into climate geoengineering proposals illuminates both potential benefits and significant d... More >>


Glasgow engineers have developed what they call 'the world's smallest Arduino 328 core.' More >>


In nature, cockroaches can survive underwater for up to 30 minutes. Now, a robotic cockroach can do ... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our science and tech news show. Check it out! More >>


New acoustic system tweaks sound waves to counteract distortion as they pass through and bounce off ... More >>


University of Maryland researcher applies fish features to robot design. More >>


Material can change its shape and alter other features when exposed to a magnetic field. More >>


Airlango has developed a feature-heavy drone that relies on artificial intelligence for its programm... More >>


While Elon Musk’s proposal to transport the boys out with a ‘kid-sized submarine’ is the most promin... More >>


Researchers at Purdue University may have discovered the key to stronger composites in the unlikelie... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our weekly science and tech news show! More >>


Geneinno has developed a high quality camera underwater drone with a high diving depth. More >>


Project will miniaturize, space qualify and test a laser communications transceiver for downlinking ... More >>


Stanford University scientists use AI to arrange the periodic table. More >>


A new technology is using the capability of animal hair to bring us one step closer to emulating thi... More >>


Cowfish Studios has developed a feature heavy touchscreen shield for Arduino projects. More >>


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