ExoLife Finder telescope will search for life in the exoplanets. More >>


Using AI and engineering to develop self-reconfiguring mobile modular robots that retain full sensor... More >>


Fixed-wing, unmanned vehicle autonomously operates underwater and can make the transition to fly int... More >>


Stereolithography technique has applications in microfluidics and artificial tissues. More >>


Passive technique transfers heat with low power cost. More >>


Intuitive system allows non-experts to design robots easily, quickly and cheaply. More >>


Liquid metal membrane can simplify complex hydrogen production processes. More >>


Abishek Singh built a gif capturing camera using Raspberry Pi's and 3D printed components. More >>


Sandia National Laboratories uses Hopkinson bar in Alternative Pyroshock Test. More >>


Hexagonal scaffolds protect perovskite from deteriorating due to heat. More >>


New robot uses socially aware navigation to keep pace with foot traffic. More >>


Gadget Labs has developed Mabot, a new system of robotics building to teaching programming and STEM ... More >>


Inverted-series-connected biomorph actuation device could benefit robotics, aerospace, medicine and ... More >>


What engineering lessons can we learn from the Apollo 13? More >>


New app uses computer vision algorithm to detect increased bilirubin levels in sclera. More >>


Lockheed Martin releases the first images from its SPIDER telescope. More >>


Sound can be weaponized. A look at long range acoustic devices (LRADs), increasingly used by police ... More >>


Research shows nanodiamonds can prevent short circuits and fires in lithium batteries. More >>


Students from Wroclaw University of Technology develop 'land drone' built to explore the Earth. More >>


Second collision in two months off the coast of Singapore leaves 10 sailors unaccounted for. More >>


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