Caltech researcher demonstrates how oxygen could be produced on the surface of comets. More >>


Conductive filaments and 3D printers enable faster construction of electromagnetic metamaterials. More >>


Swiping a lightsaber in mock battle moves might not be the logical choice of motion for industrial r... More >>


Distributed sensor detects changes in temperature or strain over a 10-kilometer optical fiber. More >>


Mats Jarlstrom received a fine for studying the change period of traffic lights, and sharing his fin... More >>


Which traits most strongly correlate with success or failure in engineering? More >>


Structural water in tungsten oxide yields higher and more efficient energy storage. More >>


Australian engineers have developed a diving system that runs with a compressor for 45 minutes up to... More >>


Automated drill reduces time for surgical procedure from 2 hours to 2.5 minutes. More >>


Projected PowerPoint patterns produce self-folding 3D structures from photocurable liquid polymers. More >>


Exploring the engineering challenges of bringing a BCI to market. More >>


Engineers investigate no-bake recipe that uses pressure to form bricks. More >>


Columbia University engineers and surgeons have a new system to address the issue of low-viability l... More >>


Power Practical has developed mug to heat or cool drinks to a constant temperature. More >>


Point-and-click interface designed for simplicity reduces operator error rate. More >>


New method for fluid separation has microfluidic and oil & gas applications. More >>


Seed responses to humidity suggest more efficient ways to penetrate soil in agricultural application... More >>


Santa Clara engineers have developed an air quality monitor that plugs into a users iPhone and displ... More >>


Makeup lamps respond to changing expressions during live performances. More >>


Population growth in developing countries to create unprecedented demand for civil engineering. More >>


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