3D-printed twisted tower robot has applications in manufacturing, medicine and space. More >>


A student group from the Eindhoven University of Technology is planning a 30 meter tall Flamenco tow... More >>


Mechanical engineers and entomologists team up on bio-inspired design. More >>


Dealing with the current water crisis by improving desalinization, irrigation and wastewater. More >>


Replacing regular padding in football helmets helps generate data on concussions. More >>


Proton beam therapy is on the rise. Advanced Oncotherapy compact design aims to reduce cost of lifes... More >>


BioLite has developed an airflow injected fire pit that efficiently burns fuel. More >>


Replacing wave breakers with “intelligent” tetrapods could generate energy, protect coastlines. More >>


FAA-approved UAS test is the first to offer quantitative data on injury risk of drone-human collisio... More >>


70-year-old nucleation theory solves 100-year-old problem on a 21st century machine. More >>


3D-printed muscle solves long-standing issue in soft robotics. More >>


Using an erbium-doped crystal, researchers prove quantum internet could connect to fiber optics. More >>


Photovoltaic cells sealed with acrylic-based elastomer for longer lifespan. More >>


Molecular machines perform cargo-sorting tasks on a DNA origami surface. More >>


UCSB chemical engineering researchers get a nanoscale glimpse of crevice and pitting corrosion as it... More >>


MIT develops expanding polymer that enables self-folding without heating or immersion in water. More >>


ExoLife Finder telescope will search for life in the exoplanets. More >>


Using AI and engineering to develop self-reconfiguring mobile modular robots that retain full sensor... More >>


Fixed-wing, unmanned vehicle autonomously operates underwater and can make the transition to fly int... More >>


Stereolithography technique has applications in microfluidics and artificial tissues. More >>


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