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Julian Melchiorri has created a synthetic leaf that converts light and water into oxygen. More >>


ReWalk Robotics has developed an exoskeleton for spinal cord injury patients to use during rehab, an... More >>


Howard Shapiro outlines his plan to end the problem of stunting in Africa by changing the genomes th... More >>


Karen Gleason says that hydrophobic coating of power plant condensers could result in big efficiency... More >>


The Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) wants the world to produce energy using photosynth... More >>


Rachel Armstrong presents her ideas for creating a sustainable solution to Venice's sinking problems... More >>


Erik Schlangen is testing new road materials in the Netherlands. The material can heal itself throug... More >>


Carmel Majidi discusses his ideas to develop robots for personal and home use. More >>


Boyan Slat outlines his ideas for harnessing the power of the ocean to clean up the five gyres. More >>


Scientists in Pennsylvania developed a method to target and destroy cancer cells using HIV cells. More >>


Pieter Abbiel shows off his autonomous learning robots. More >>


Lonnie Johnson presents his plan to drastically increase engine efficiency. More >>


Ido Bachelet showcases the improvements that could be made by nanorobotic surgery techniques. More >>


Aldo Steinfield explains his process for creating synthetic fuel in this SolveForX talk. More >>


Hamish Jolly discusses the methods used to study shark vision and create a wetsuit to protect agains... More >>


Danielle Fong presents her method to raise the efficiency of compressed air storage. More >>


Researchers discover copper catalyst that can efficiently produce ethanol from CO. More >>


Mircea Dinca from MIT works with highly absorbent, highly tunable metallic sponge structures. More >>


Leslie Dewan presents her vision of a new reactor that uses nuclear waste for fuel. More >>


Brian Gerkey talks about his organization's work on developed ROS, the open source Robot Operating S... More >>


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