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US Patent Office Grants Space Elevator Patent
Thoth Technologies received a patent for its "freestanding space elevator tower for launching payloa...
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How Does a Driverless Car See the Road?
Chris Urmson shows the data collection methods that Google's driverless cars use, and discusses how ...
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Open Hardware for the Ocean
Cesar Harada explains his Protei project, a ship with a shapechanging hull.
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The Squirt Shape 3D Printer - a Moonshot Project
Prosthetic Design Inc has a process that uses polar instead of rectangular coordinates and injects i...
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Rethinking Tropical Weather Forecasting - a Moonshot Project
Liisa Petrykowska presents her weather prediction algorithms and their potential to change the way f...
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Robotic Drones for Detecting Cancer - a Moonshot Project
Researchers at the Imperial College in London are detecting cancer one pixel at a time.
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Soft Robots for Rehabilitation - a Moonshot Project
Super-Releaser demonstrate their Glaucus soft robot and discuss applications in orthotics and prosth...
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Satellite calibration in orbit - a moonshot project
Calibrating satellite instruments during orbit will allow for more accurate readings and better deci...
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Robotic localized heating - a moonshot project
Leigh Christie discusses his ideas about directly heating people instead of the buildings they inhab...
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Maryland robotics lab builds armies of tiny robots

Sarah Bergbreiter builds tiny robots. In her TED Talk Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice ... More >>
Brain-machine interfaces - a moonshot project
USC scientists develop methods to control movement based on brain activity.
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MIT's Blabdroids manage information in the 'social cloud'
Alexander Reben's Blabdroids take information from humans and beam it up into the social cloud.
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Re-engineering the refugee camp – a moonshot project

Daniel Kerber wants to improve the living conditions of refugee camps. In general refugee camps are ... More >>
Polymer gel can instantly stop bleeding
New gel will be introduced in 2015 that immediately stops bleeding
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Lockheed Martin Develops Airplane/Airship Hybrid
Bob Boyd has a hybrid aircraft that doesn't need any infrastructure to deliver a 500 ton payload.
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Robots for the Brain
Olaf Blanke explains his work in the field of cognetics.
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New breakthroughs in early cancer detection
Jorge Soto presents his microRNA detection methods to find cancer early and repeatably.
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Open source baby robots - a moonshot project
Yves-Pierre Oudeyer discusses the ways he taught robots to explore, experiment and fabricate to sati...
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ELF - solar pedal hybrid vehicle for commuters
Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina produces ELF, a vehicle powered by you and the sun.
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Open source detection for oil pollution - the Homebrew Oil Testing Kit
Public Lab is running a Kickstarter campaign to produce do-it-yourself pollution detection kits.
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