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Newly developed neural networks rival primates when it comes to object recognition. Are they the rig... More >>


Scientists use 3D printing to make replica organs for enhanced cancer therapy. More >>


A new design for a micro-gravity cup will soon bring espresso to the ISS. More >>


The Nissan Leaf is now even cleaner. More >>


Sixteen year old inventor in India has developed a device that inputs breaths and outputs speech, wi... More >>


Students from Sherbrooke University look to Kickstarter to fund their ambitious fresh water conversi... More >>


A new breakthrough in memory technology might make instant-start computers a reality. More >>


Cars that run on natural gas are touted as efficient and environmentally friendly, but getting ... More >>


Even after its malfunction last year the Kepler telescope continues to discover exoplanets. Case in ... More >>


Solar Impulse made headlines last year when a solar-powered single-seater plane travelled from Cali... More >>


As Voyager 1 continues into interstellar space solar-generated tsunamis are creating  some roug... More >>


Ever wonder how much a Saturn V  weighs, or how much it can carry? Xkcd provides us that info, ... More >>


Researchers in Singapore create a self-powered, self-tinting window.  Will it make building mor... More >>


Using mind control a quadriplegiac woman moves a robotic prosthetic arm through 10 degrees of freedo... More >>


Scientists finally have a name for the Earth's most abundant mineral. Thirty-Eight percent of the pl... More >>


The ESA's Cryosat has delivered this years map of autumn sea ice thickness. What's it mean for shipp... More >>


Could Curiosity’s latest discovery prove there was once life on Mars? More >>


Can materials be made stiffer by impregnating them with liquid? According to Yale engineers surface ... More >>


What can the Romans teach us about building? Could their concrete reveal any ancient material secret... More >>


So, how do you whip a robotic first repsonder into shape? You make it more energy efficient say Sand... More >>


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