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Did the AIPA help or hinder small inventors? Did it reduce patent quality? More >>


University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge partner for on-site generation. More >>


Advances in metamaterials are happening at an unprecedented rate. Now researchers say they're gettin... More >>


A new Kevlar coating promises slimmer and safer batteries. Could the same coating prevent Dreamliner... More >>


Quantum computing has a number of hurdles to overcome before its mature, but a trending tech, Valley... More >>


Researchers have developed a way to imbue graphene with the pull of magnetism. Electronics of all ki... More >>


Could small, quad-copter like drones revolutionize the way we explore and do science on other planet... More >>


A new device that helps entangle quantum particles of light is a major breakthrough for faster, more... More >>


A new metamaterial bends both acoustic and elastic waves cloaking an object in its surroundings. Wil... More >>


The next frontier in physics may require teeny-tiny answers to big questions. What tools are aiding ... More >>


So, how exactly do you design a solar-fuel refinery? A new framework might help engineers design the... More >>


The venerable B52 gets a much needed upgrade to its weapons bay launcher. Will the retrofit keep the... More >>


Silver nanowires surprise researchers with their unexpected ability to self-heal. Can they be used i... More >>


New approaches allow for easier analysis of complex structures. More >>


Two Kickstarter campaigns for 3d printing pens are ending soon. More >>


NASA releases an unprecedented, mosaic view of our nearest galactic neighbor Andromeda, pushing the ... More >>


Scientists have defined the top speed quantum interactions. What does that mean for engineers workin... More >>


Is glass solid or liquid? Researchers have long believed the material is a the later, but a new simu... More >>


Engineers in Northern Ireland push the limits of pre-fab construction building the world's longest f... More >>


According to physicists the the Milky Way could be a a galactic transportation system.  What do... More >>


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