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Dexta Robotics is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their VR manipulation system. More >>


Richard Binzel, prof of Planetary Sciences, talks NASA's asteroid retrieval mission. More >>


Disney researchers make robot-human interactions safer with a new fluid based drive system. More >>


Could future generations of NASA rockets be launched from hi-altitude, autonomous gliders? More >>


Engineers have invented a spherical, silica nanobot that focuses light like a near-field lens to bui... More >>


Researchers in Australia are challenging quantum mechanics foundation with a theory involving intera... More >>


With an eye toward making better running robots, researchers have made surprising new findings about... More >>


A new material demonstrates the utility of composites More >>


The UK’s Met Office invests in the world’s 4th fastest supercomputer in an effort to pro... More >>


A new laser propulsion method may power rockets, launch satellites & enable future aircraft to e... More >>


VIDEO: Could virtual reality help researchers understand what their robots are "thinking"? More >>


To make solar economically competitive it has to be more efficient. Could a new material that traps ... More >>


DARPA’s newest chipset smashes the world record for speed, opening up new applications for hig... More >>


Catastrophic  Failure of Antares  Rocket More >>


Space debris is a growing problem, but before it's solved we're gonna have to track the stuff. Could... More >>


CalTech engineers may be able to make planes more fuel efficient by simply reducing the size of thei... More >>


A collaboration of scientists from around the world have developed a chemical GPS that'll outperform... More >>


The ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has detected the odor of comet 67P/C-G. It's not a pretty smell. More >>


Probe Dropped After Firm Pays $5.1M Fine More >>


An MIT study shows how electrodialysis can provide cost-effective treatment of salty water from frac... More >>


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