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The UK’s Met Office invests in the world’s 4th fastest supercomputer in an effort to pro... More >>


DARPA’s newest chipset smashes the world record for speed, opening up new applications for hig... More >>


The ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has detected the odor of comet 67P/C-G. It's not a pretty smell. More >>


Isaac Asimov once gave DARPA some key advice on creativity: “Let Your People Play.” More >>


NASA begins to contemplate the viability of space-borne hibernation. Could the tech make spaceflight... More >>


A new piece of software will help climate scientists peer into Earth’s meteorological past. Ca... More >>


Lockheed engineers announce they’ve made a breakthrough in fusion technology, and will deliver... More >>


Two research groups build ultra-accurate quantum computing qubits from a pair of distinct materials. More >>


While Curiosity continues to look for Martian life, researchers like Kellie Wall are back at home re... More >>


To prevent a repeat of the attack on the USS Cole, the US Navy turns to swarming flotillas of autono... More >>


Using satellites and previously recorded data, researchers create the most accurate map of the Earth... More >>


Could the Moon be used as an instrument to detect one of the Universe’s most elusive and energ... More >>


Could a new balloon-based observatory bring about an explosion in astronomical and cosmological rese... More >>


Researchers at the University of Rochester have created a 3D cloaking device from nothing more than ... More >>


A new Lego-like building block could reduce the cost of Lab-on-a-Chip development, catalyzing the gr... More >>


The MQ-4C Triton drone completes its latest flight tests, crossing the US in under 11 hours. Will UA... More >>


A new portable dialysis machine could change the lives of kidney patients. Can it help revolutionize... More >>


NASA’s Dawn probe hits another propulsion related snag on the way to protoplanet Ceres. More >>


A recently patented VR headset could change the way you perceive economy air travel. More >>


An artificial device modeled after the human spleen could save numerous lives from deadly blood infe... More >>


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