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Could a new floating plant design be the key to making nuclear power safe from tsunamis? More >>


Boeing’s newest military vehicle, the Phantom Badger, is part Humvee, part off-road racer and ... More >>


With space-based sensors streaming from planets, moons, comets and the stars, NASA looks to lasers t... More >>


Toyota announces two super-efficient, small-displacement engines capable of 78 mpg. More >>


DARPA is funding an effort to develop a hybrid-electric stealth motorcycle for use by US Special For... More >>


Polish automotive startup Arrinera unveils the final design for its flowing Hussarya speedster. More >>


A new miniature robot could be crucial to deep space missions, performing surgical procedures when a... More >>


Imagine treating a debilitating illness simply by slapping on an electronic patch and forgetting tha... More >>


Scientists at Georgia Tech may have unlocked the key to cheaper rocket fuel by engineering bacteria. More >>


As infrared sensors, night vision and other detection methods litter the battlefield, new camouflage... More >>


Airbus’ basketball court-sized recreation of the Martian surface will serve as the test bed fo... More >>


A miniaturized replica of functional human organs could become the proving ground for new pharmaceut... More >>


A chance discovery could produce solar panels that generate electricity during the day & transfo... More >>


Massive stars are born in tumultuous clouds of gas and dust. They lead a brief but intense life, blo... More >>


A new technique that mixes bacterial cells with minerals and other compounds could lead to the devel... More >>


The Jet Propulsion Lab’s Starshade occulter could give space-based telescopes a sharper view o... More >>


Amateur and professional astronomers alike will enjoy a better view of our galaxy with the newly rel... More >>


DARPA is looking for the next generation of fast, reliable VTOL aircraft and one these four designs ... More >>


Could a space-based Navy research project lead to ubiquitous solar power day and night? More >>


A new US Navy project aims to increase our understanding of global oceanic conditions and could enab... More >>


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