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A recently patented VR headset could change the way you perceive economy air travel. More >>


An artificial device modeled after the human spleen could save numerous lives from deadly blood infe... More >>


Researchers at Caltech recently announced the development of the world’s strongest and lightes... More >>


A joint collaboration between Cambridge University and Plastic Logic has resulted in the first flexi... More >>


Engineers at Stanford have created a cheap, miniature radio-on-a-chip that could catalyze the Intern... More >>


A new, rugged soft-robot tackles many of the problems plaguing this emerging tech. More >>


Could fueling nuclear plants with used transuranic elements be a solution to the problem of toxic wa... More >>


Caltech has published an HTML5 version of Richard Feynman’s physics lectures. Now you can brus... More >>


Researchers in China are hard at work building a supersonic, supercavitating sub capable of a two ho... More >>


Hot on the heels of Mercedes’ announcement of a security sedan, BMW debuts their own armored c... More >>


A new camera developed by researchers in Japan can shoot 4.4 trillion frames per second. More >>


Mercedes brings steel pistons to the passenger car market. Can they improve fuel efficiency while de... More >>


Cuttlefish inspired camouflage to keep US Navy ships and subs safe from enemies. But could it have c... More >>


Ambitious UK plan looks to the sea to transform Wales’ economy and energy needs. More >>


NASA discovers what it believes may be the first interstellar dust ever collected. Will it offer gre... More >>


Mercedes enters the security market adding a sophisticated, bulletproof and explosion-proof sedan to... More >>


ESA’s successful demonstration of autonomous docking with the ISS continues to pave the way fo... More >>


What causes a proton to spin? This fundamental question has been a longstanding mystery in particle... More >>


IBM unveils the world’s most powerful neurosynaptic chip, marking another milestone in the dev... More >>


When the apocalypse happens how are you going to bug out? How ‘bout this DIY motoped, compete ... More >>


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