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Researchers say particles can separate from their properties. Could this leap in quantum mechanics l... More >>


As the James Webb Telescope is readied for launch NASA already has plans for a next gen space telesc... More >>


Grabbing energy freely from the atmosphere has long been an ambition of engineers and the power hung... More >>


Artificial atoms power an innovative laser that could prove crucial to the future of quantum computi... More >>


One of the world’s fastest moving machines is set to go up for auction. What would you pay for... More >>


A new ultra-black material could lead to the development of higher sensitivity telescopes and target... More >>


The US Marines have successfully field tested their next gen amphibious craft. Will its novel tracks... More >>


DARPA successfully test fires a .50 caliber guided sniper round. Could EXACTO rounds become the defa... More >>


Pots inspired by a jet-engine cooling system can save time in the kitchen and raise cooking efficien... More >>


Since their discovery 30 years ago, buckyballs have been a staple of the nanotechnology and engineer... More >>


A new heavy-vehicle transmission could lead to safer, cleaner semi operation. As the transport indus... More >>


A Fort Worth start-up looks to build the military’s next-gen chopper. Did we mention it'll rea... More >>


A newly granted patent could see windowed airplane cockpits replaced by video screen guided pilot pl... More >>


SETI unveils two new projects for contacting intelligent extraterrestrials. More >>


Researchers at IBM expect carbon nanotube transistors to be commercially available by 2020, increasi... More >>


After decades trying to design the perfect all terrain combat vehicle, IMI’s Combat Guard is a... More >>


Stagnating speed increases among the world’s most powerful supercomputers leads some to believ... More >>


A new class of thermoelectric generators could bring about greater fuel efficiency. Could they help ... More >>


A new robotic weapon system will help protect helicopters when under fire. How long will it before r... More >>


Could a future of ubiquitous drones whizzing overhead be nearer than we think? MIT researchers say y... More >>


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