Human Powered Speed Record Broken
Kyle Maxey posted on September 20, 2013 | | 6321 views

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At the World Human Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada a team from the Delft Unviersity of Technology and VU University Amsterdam has broken the human powered speed record.

Inside an aerodynamic shell covered in a special low wind resistant coating Sebastiaan Bowier took the university’s Velox 2 craft to a record 133.78 km/h (83mph) increasing the top speed of a human powered craft by .6km/h (.4mph).

According to team manager Wouter Lion, “[The team’s record attempter were] incredibly exciting. We had 6 days to break the record, but in the beginning we found some technical problems. We spend a couple of nights to solve everything. When you break the record, after three evenings of bad weather, at the last possible chance, it feels incredible”.

Image Courtesy of Delft University