Mobile monitoring of fresh and hardened concrete can save the construction industry time, money, and... More >>


Researchers in China are hard at work building a supersonic, supercavitating sub capable of a two ho... More >>


Julian Melchiorri has created a synthetic leaf that converts light and water into oxygen. More >>


NASA's new "swarmie" robots might lead to the rapid exploration of planets one day.  More >>


By plugging into a learning brain researchers learn why some skills are easier to learn than others.... More >>


A new quantum imaging technique generates images with photons that have never touched their target o... More >>


ReWalk Robotics has developed an exoskeleton for spinal cord injury patients to use during rehab, an... More >>


HP: Nearly 70% of IT Professionals Experience Weekly Phishing Attacks. How is this effecting busines... More >>


Australia’s rare and precious rainforests could have an unexpected ally in the battle against ... More >>


Berkeley Lab Researchers Demonstrate Ultrafast Charge Transfer in New Family of 2D Semiconductors&nb... More >>


NASA’s Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft has traversed the orbit of Neptune. This is its las... More >>


There are many indications that battlebots will soon be a reality More >>


Through a combination of plasmonics and optical microresonators researchers have built an optical am... More >>


Hot on the heels of Mercedes’ announcement of a security sedan, BMW debuts their own armored c... More >>


For the first time ever bio-engineers have created a completely functional, man-made organ that's fu... More >>


Northrup Grumman unveils the design for its XS-1 space plane. Can it compete with Boeing and Mastens... More >>


Unexpected anisotropy in uranium dioxide may inhibit efficiency More >>


A new, cheap, low voltage fuel cell could finally reduce the cost of emission free vehicles. More >>


Blue Robotics is Kickstarter funding a production run for their high performance low cost marine thr... More >>


Lockheed Martin has received a contract through the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS... More >>


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