Lockheed field tests its ATHENA laser weapon against a pickup. The result, ATHENA 1, Pickups 0. More >>


High-tech and low-tech devices are meshing together to bring relief and recycling to the slums of La... More >>


A breakthrough in graphite electrodes could lead to better and larger electrical storage. More >>


A design similar to the compound eye of a moth could boost solar-cell efficiency. More >>


Researchers develop the first-ever quantum device that detects and corrects its own errors, another ... More >>


NASA halts Curiousity's Mars mission over a malfunction with its power system. Will the rover ever g... More >>


Could understanding how seashells grow allow scientists to create "materials on-demand" in the lab? ... More >>


Could the hydro-phobic legs of mosquitoes & water striders inspire the design of better boats, robot... More >>


Researchers in Minnesotta say that black phosphorous could be a wonder material for optical comms. More >>


A new high-tech ink that can be used to fill ball point pens can turn nearly any surface into a sens... More >>


An Italian surgeon says he’s developed a plan to make human head transplants a reality by 2017. More >>


Successful bicycle wheels company is running a Kickstarter campaign to move their product to wheelch... More >>


VIDEO: Engineers have taken the first photo of the particle/wave duality of light. But how exactly w... More >>


A breakthrough filter design, built with an inkjet printer, could lead to ubiquitous terahertz data ... More >>


UK engineers contributed around 280B to British GDP in 2014. That's one massive contribution. More >>


New research shows that clusters of aluminum atoms can become superconductive at remarkably high tem... More >>


A new atomic clock has started ticking in Warsaw. With a predicted precision of 1 second lost over 1... More >>


A new logic-defying math model could lead to materials for better skin grafts and new smart material... More >>


Using little more than surgical glove material engineers have build an air filter that could change ... More >>


Reality computing makes the analog digital. It’s now becoming relevant for a wide range of engineer... More >>


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