Inspiring words for engineers. More >>


Carbon nanotubes stabilize single platinum atoms. More >>


The Army comes closer to realizing the potential of mobile, ground-based laser weaponry. More >>


Researchers turn 2D plastic sheets into 3D structures with inkjet printing and infrared light. More >>


Transcendent Designs has developed a tablet type viewing screen with a 10.1 inch display that mirror... More >>


Robot changes gait in response to changes in speed. More >>


Microfluidic device could be used to power small robots. More >>


Inexpensive, non-toxic material generates electricity through heating and cooling More >>


Material expands and contracts based on changing pH levels and ion concentrations. More >>


Unique topology shields dark web denizens from cyber attacks. More >>


Jason Buzi is crowdfunding a tiny robotic Hungarian Puli that will bark, move, and wag its tail to a... More >>


Delft University of Technology organizes anti-drone race. More >>


Researchers synthesize transparent silicon nitride. More >>


New image shows lights out inspection at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. More >>


The National Oceanography Centre is sending its fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles to the Orkne... More >>


Sonic cyber attacks reveal security holes in MEMS accelerometers. More >>


Risk-based approach aims to improve current road classification system. More >>


High-resolution retinal prosthesis brings us one step closer to re-establishing neurons’ ability to ... More >>


Cornell engineers devise new method for separating wireless signals. More >>


Haddington Dynamics has a new five axis robotic arm that wants to start a new robotic revolution. More >>


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