Multi-dimensional mobility robot to be commercially available this fall. More >>


Isabella O'Brien has invented a method to help keep the ocean from becoming more acidic over time. H... More >>


3M introduces Liquid-Filled Transformer insulation offering thermal stability, long-term reliability... More >>


Ultra-high density data storage material contains single molecule magnets. More >>


Montreal based CycleLabs has developed a device that attaches to the handlebar of any bike and works... More >>


NASA, U.S. Air Force Research Lab and FlexSys test bending wing shape and find it does cut fuel use ... More >>


DTE Energy installs the new Bigbelly smart, solar energy trash compactors in Detroit. More >>


Biomaterial microspheres promise alternative to synthetics in cosmetic and personal care products. More >>


Device allows for previously impossible experiments to research mental and physical disorders. More >>


BIG Design is Kickstarter funding their Steam Ring Generator prototype, to be placed on top of Denma... More >>


Thoth Technologies received a patent for its "freestanding space elevator tower for launching payloa... More >>


Mother-bot displays laws of natural selection, improving the design of each generation of offspring. More >>


IHMC Robotics, Howe and Howe Technologies and NASA to provide the upgrades needed for combat. More >>


New Kickstarter funded drones from TobyRich look like futuristic biplanes and are built for gamers. More >>


Thermal analysis applied to hair strands to curl or straighten without heat damage. More >>


Step Ahead Innovations seeks funding for aquarium water monitoring system with Kickstarter campaign. More >>


E. coli hydrogel “factories” have multiple applications. More >>


Patrick Thomas Mitchell is running his twelfth Kickstarter campaign, a kit for makers to build a 64 ... More >>


Leah Buechley discusses her sketchable electronics and talks about exciting the next generation. More >>


Lightweight camera uses heart-rate monitor and accelerometer to edit most exciting video moments. More >>


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