Software that self-updates to work on new platforms could find uses beyond military applications. More >>


Research team aims to take the fiction out of science fiction with solenoid beams. More >>


BAE Systems aims to improve situational awareness for DARPA. More >>


Neural networks enable AI agent to navigate 3D environment. More >>


A technical breakdown of the SpaceX Mars vehicle. More >>


X-57 “Maxwell” uses 7 electric motors to fly greener and quieter. More >>


On-body transmissions offer a better way to transmit authenticating information. More >>


Italian engineers have developed a belt that vibrates to give the user navigational cues, and utiliz... More >>


Engineers discover two distinct types of problematic lithium deposits. More >>


Training and competition ground includes amenities for new pilots and seasoned flyers. More >>


Exploring the benefits and concerns of bioengineering from humans to mosquitos. More >>


Robots in Service of the Environment (RISE) tests prototype in North Atlantic. More >>


Peptide polymers used to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria. More >>


Researchers unexpectedly create nanowires that “crawl” along a graphene surface. More >>


Research team hopes to find improved concrete decontamination methods in case of chemical terrorism. More >>


The high resolution micro endoscope (HRME) was developed to assist developing nation healthcare prov... More >>


Biaxial tension causes deformation of elastomer block into flat surface. More >>


Time-division multiple access control protocol enables robotic operation without line-of-sight. More >>


Researchers develop thread that can report on patients’ overall health. More >>


FORPHEUS is the world’s first robotic table tennis tutor. More >>


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