UC Riverside engineers are working to make the first real life Avengers and other superheroes. More >>


Speeder Bikes, BB-8s and a 5-axis Darth Vader. More >>


RobotMissions.org is crowdfunding a robot platform designed to remove plastic debris from shorelines... More >>


Researchers used security loopholes to conduct cyber-attacks on an experimental Smart Home network. More >>


Bigger, deeper and greener. How one UK company plans to open the largest indoor pool for space resea... More >>


Chocolate-inspired theory predicts thickness of shells for pharmaceutical capsules, rocket bodies an... More >>


RAND study demonstrates difficulties of using test driving to prove reliability of self-driving cars... More >>


Grant Imahara kicks off project to recreate Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s gauntlet. More >>


Spectroscopy Ninja is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund updates to their popular Spekwin32 spec... More >>


Carbon and graphene quantum dots offer sustainable alternative to traditional semiconductor material... More >>


Astro Teller from Google X shares ideas about how failure can be an effective tool for innovation. More >>


Stanford’s OceanOne uses haptic feedback to let human pilots safely explore the briny deep. More >>


British engineers are crowdfunding a lunar globe developed with NASA data and circled by an LED sun ... More >>


Optical computer chips could employ carbon nanotube waveguides. More >>


A Sketchfab community member’s bizarre day at the beach More >>


Are we seeing the future of 3D multimedia? More >>


Engineers demonstrate an effective method for transferring quantum information between two locations... More >>


Despite the novelty, multicopter aircraft are unlikely to revolutionize urban travel. More >>


Kenneth Sebesta shows us how bats navigate during an emergence and how we can apply those characteri... More >>


Composite metal foams perform surprisingly well More >>


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