Software engineer’s experimentation leads to nightmarish and psychedelic imagery. More >>


Engineers create micro-swimmers made of iron oxide beads. More >>


Kickstarter campaign is providing funds for a quadcopter with more payload, more airtime, and more s... More >>


Sensors use imaging technology that captures the edges and valleys of the fingerprint's surface. More >>


Cesar Harada explains his Protei project, a ship with a shapechanging hull. More >>


Data-analysing football sled may measure strengths and weaknesses in tomorrow’s football players. More >>


Designing the perfect chemical make-up of tomorrow’s jet engines. More >>


The ink remains highly conductive when stretched up to three times its original size. More >>


Tulane University's alumni house was repaired after Hurricane Katrina More >>


Tony Fadell notices the small problems that most people have internalized, and then creates solution... More >>


SpaceX Falcon 9 latest of three spacecraft lost in the last year – underscoring risk of space travel... More >>


Peter Ginzburg is crowdfunding his motor-enhanced bicycle through Kickstarter. More >>


Potential applications for anti-counterfeiting and high-res 3D displays. More >>


Gramovox has redesigned the turntable, using the record itself to create visual complements to the m... More >>


Robotics enthusiasts face off once more. More >>


Device relies on semiconductors and high-powered magnets to achieve magnetic levitation More >>


Researchers use folding and cutting technique to create flexible electronics. More >>


Pocket NC is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its desktop CNC mill capable of cutting in five ... More >>


From safety to practicality, does the Powerwall make sense? More >>


This 500 year old Incan road is an engineering feat that is still in use. More >>


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