AMPWARE is crowdfunding the world's first phone case with an integrated generator. More >>


Professor Melissa Knothe Tate is working on technology that boasts impressive zoom capabilities (use... More >>


Festo releases its eMotion Butterfly project, flying robots that mimic the flight of butterflies and... More >>


The researchers say their findings could offer significant insight to aerodynamic research. More >>


The device goes from blue to clear when it has been exposed to too much ultraviolet light. More >>


A multiscale approach to damage repair may greatly extend the life of concrete. More >>


Pittsburgh scientist presents gas storage and its potential to bring natural gas online as a viable ... More >>


Dr. Majid have developed new structures that are able to stretch up to seven times their length. More >>


Ritewing RC is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its high speed high stability aircraft. More >>


Engineering students develop a low-frequency fire extinguisher capable of eliminating fire. More >>


Ion Productions is crowdfunding personal flamethrowers on Indiegogo. More >>


New technology nicknamed “invisible stickers” could be used to help soldiers camouflage and potentia... More >>


New Japanese device is designed to clear rubble and rescue people More >>


NASA has been busy researching technology that could land a vehicles on Mars with precision. More >>


A unique fabric treatment can reduce the risk of warfare exposure. More >>


Edison2’s founder Oliver Kuttner previews his TEDTalk about the auto industry’s driverless future. C... More >>


With a tensile strength of 200 times steel, graphene is one of the strongest materials of its kind. More >>


Super-Releaser demonstrate their Glaucus soft robot and discuss applications in orthotics and prosth... More >>


Researchers at the University of Washington discovered that an insect’s wings might also function as... More >>


Researchers at the University of Malaya say these small tubes could play a big role in solving the w... More >>


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