At Google I/O 2016, Project Daydream Takes over Google Cardboard More >>


Texas engineers have built a system that uses three dimensional objects to create a three dimensiona... More >>


Using adaptive design to reveal targeted properties in a shape-memory alloy. More >>


Awesome Shield is running a successful Kickstarter campaign for their hardware and learning platform... More >>


Engineering researchers reveal highly desirable optical and electrical properties in naturally-occur... More >>


Startup plans to use autonomous vehicles for public transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More >>


Stephen Petranek discusses the current barriers to Mars colonization, and the solutions he sees to b... More >>


Lake in Rwanda is one of three in the world that experience limnic eruptions, and engineers are harv... More >>


Democratizing 3D capture with a relatively inexpensive virtual reality camera and kit. More >>


Microsoft blog post promotes augmented reality applications of HoloLens for combat. More >>


Automatically upload your 3D models and publish virtual reality content. More >>


San Francisco engineers have developed a robot to train ping pong players. More >>


Google engineer Boris Smus talks about an important issue with web-based virtual reality content. More >>


Collaboration between neurosurgeons and engineers aims to build brain implants for long-term use. More >>


New process converts greenhouse gas emissions into sustainable building material. More >>


Supercomputing platform based on TrueNorth neurosynaptic computer chip to be utilized for national n... More >>


Colin Furze built a Parajet-powered flying machine as part of Ford’s Unlearn campaign. More >>


GeoOrbital is running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for their system that turns your bicy... More >>


Open-air test demonstrates the functionality of a linear-electric motor in powering the Hyperloop co... More >>


A race is on to make Web-based VR competitive with hardware-based headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Ri... More >>


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