As medical concerns rise in NFL games, we turn to 3D printing and generative design technology. More >>


New hybrid polymer has potential applications in self-repairing materials, drug delivery and artific... More >>


Using sound waves to manipulate cells with “acoustic tweezers” could advance 3-D bioprinting. More >>


Auke Ijspeert from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology demonstrates his biomimicry robots and ... More >>


Collaborative robot arms could become standard tools for biopsies and surgeries. More >>


Google's Project Loon continues to develop their balloon envelopes as part of their goal to bring in... More >>


Open-source software enables mass-production of test environments for microtumors. More >>


Can we enhance engine efficiency and protect the environment with innovative lubricant additives? More >>


New concrete formulation may see testing at major US airport. More >>


New sensors could improve implantable and wearable devices. More >>


The Biomechanical Robotics Group is running a Kickstarter campaign for their robotic hand platform d... More >>


Microrobots can move independently for cooperative manipulation tasks. More >>


indiegogo campaign is funding a wearable meant to track our breathing and posture while sitting to p... More >>


Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada and SpaceX receive commercial resupply services contracts. More >>


Jill Farrant from the University of Cape Town discusses her work with resurrection plant species, an... More >>


Photolithography technique could mean energy and cost savings in keeping vital equipment dry. More >>


Next-generation lithium-air battery stores five times more energy than conventional batteries. More >>


Switchable material could lead to improvements in fuel cells and memory storage. More >>


Nanofabrication tool enables quick and precise handling of tiny particles to build nanomachines. More >>


Biodegradable sensors could lessen the need for additional surgeries. More >>


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