Rechargeable electronics to last longer with molybdenum disulfide sheets More >>


It may seem small and unassuming, but the stainless steel mesh created by engineers at Ohio State Un... More >>


Engineers at MIT have developed a pretty cool technique for forecasting technological change. Their ... More >>


Moley Robotics is developing a dexterous robot equipped with an iTunes-style recipe library boasting... More >>


New research suggests phones and other electronics can serve as early warning systems for large quak... More >>


Researchers have developed a new material with the potential of making batteries more powerful. More >>


The journey could open doors to using these manmade muscles in space-bound robots. More >>


Japanese company is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their open-source robotics project. More >>


Northwestern students are Kickstarter funding a drone that flies in your house and tells you when yo... More >>


The ‘last frontier’ of semiconductor design could have huge implications for the telecommunications ... More >>


Researchers have developed a technique that allows them to visualize the optical properties of objec... More >>


NYU engineers have developed a robotic predator so realistic that it causes fear among real fish. More >>


Joerg Sprave shows off his optimized slingshot design, powered by a chainsaw motor. More >>


Tiny new device creates scans that accurately reproduce objects within microns of the original. More >>


Mussels have inspired an innovative adhesive that could potentially work underwater. More >>


Kitchen Safe is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their tool for goal setting and motivation bu... More >>


A new device would allow smartphones to function as hyperspectral sensors that can identify an objec... More >>


A new machine evaluates a room’s smell in order to create the exact combination to counter that odor... More >>


A potential renewable additive could vastly improve the popular construction material. More >>


AMPWARE is crowdfunding the world's first phone case with an integrated generator. More >>


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