A new method of building materials using light, developed by researchers at the University of Cambri... More >>


Stanford engineers build the "Holy Grail" of battery design building a protected lithium anode. Coul... More >>


The Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) wants the world to produce energy using photosynth... More >>


New changes are coming to an old problem on the rails. More >>


Grabbing energy freely from the atmosphere has long been an ambition of engineers and the power hung... More >>


Rachel Armstrong presents her ideas for creating a sustainable solution to Venice's sinking problems... More >>


How do you remove a nearly 70 year old nuclear site chimney? With a self-climbing platform, of cours... More >>


AI as music critic? A new algorithm identifies The Beatles' musical progression across their 12-albu... More >>


Building Up Bamboo: Researchers look into the versatile wood as a option for plywood style building ... More >>


A DC brushless motor is actually a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor. More >>


Does it make sense to use a formal commissioning process? More >>


Artificial atoms power an innovative laser that could prove crucial to the future of quantum computi... More >>


Could a fundamental law of physics govern the development and evolution of aircraft design? One Duke... More >>


In preparation for the hydrogen fueled road trips of the future the NIST has started testing hydroge... More >>


Atomic clock are set for their release into the world thanks to a a chip-scale frequency micro-comb.... More >>


New device based on a fly's freakishly acute hearing may find applications in futuristic hearing aid... More >>


One of the world’s fastest moving machines is set to go up for auction. What would you pay for... More >>


Nikolai Begg has redesigned the trocar to address a medical problem plaguing surgeons since 1912. More >>


While the moon's surface is battered by millions of craters, it also has over 200 holes – stee... More >>


New airwave guided optical fibers  could make studying everything thing from the upper atmosphe... More >>


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