In-development electric car questions current business practices and the logic of city mobility. More >>


Company marries robotics and interior design with Project Dom Indoors. More >>


Guayule plants are supplying a new natural rubber for vehicle tires. More >>


Will the ThingWorx IoT application platform popularize the Brilliant Factory? More >>


Can the newest crazy Kickstarter campaign prove anyone can land on the moon? More >>


StartRobo is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Robo Wunderkind robotics platform. Kids can bu... More >>


Microorganisms in the worms’ guts biodegrade polystyrene into CO2 and soil. More >>


New gas turbine and oxidation technology reduces emissions from waste gas flaring. More >>


Vehicle simulators could be more realistic than ever with dynamic cable-propelled motion. More >>


Seeed Studio hope's to change how people communicate with their new Kickstarter campaign. More >>


Stanford engineers invent transparent coating to divert the suns heat. More >>


Spectrometer images detect signatures of dissolved, hydrated minerals. More >>


Wendy Freedman from the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago discus... More >>


Electric pump will maintain oil pressure when internal combustion engine is off. More >>


Customizable coloring options offer variable yet consistent designs for plastic parts. More >>


Anurudh Ganesan won the 2015 Google Science Fair Lego Education Builder Award for his vaccine transp... More >>


Lalita Praside Sripada Srisai has won the Community Impact Award from the 2015 Google Science Fair f... More >>


Truck drivers could leave heavy lifting to the robots. More >>


High energy density, rechargeable battery pack is in development for use in cold climates. More >>


New lift system offers improved safety and operability compared to traditional heavy rigging. More >>


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