High-performance modeling of air-fuel mixtures in natural gas turbines could significantly increase ... More >>


Using a double-helix DNA probe on a graphene chip improves detection of DNA mutations. More >>


Ray Kurzweil, inventor and author, delivered the keynote speech at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo a... More >>


New technique enables transition of electrolyte from metal to ionic conductor. More >>


New device attaches to your wrist, lets your body be a subwoofer and physically feel bass and drums ... More >>


New FAA drone regulations mean we need more ways to take them down, literally. More >>


The Mill’s Blackbird is a fully adjustable car rig used to create photorealistic CG vehicles. More >>


Moon Express files for review with Federal agency in a step towards space. More >>


Venturi Automobiles and the Ohio State University and running a crowdfunding campaign to fund their ... More >>


New record set by mini-module in novel solar cell arrangement tops previous record by 44 percent. More >>


Jonathan Schwartz from Voodoo Manufacturing outlines his process to build a full sized 3D replica of... More >>


“Tap” wearable could replace the need for keyboards in smartphones, tablets and AR applications More >>


Industrial Light & Magic and Magic Leap team up to bring mixed reality storytelling to the masses. More >>


Raytheon delivers new pulse power containers to solve huge energy requirement. More >>


mbientlab is crowdfunding their development board to give inventors and makers a new set of health s... More >>


European Space Agency awards hardware contract to Polish company for net-firing device. More >>


Open-source auto company Local Motors has 3D-printed a vehicle named “Olli” that relies on the IBM W... More >>


Artificial intelligence learns to generate Bose-Einstein condensate in under an hour. More >>


See the big jets coming together, but don’t try taking a picture. More >>


Raffaello D'Andrea from ETH Zurich demonstrates several new drones and new control methods. More >>


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