Engineers claim they’ve developed a biodegradable semiconductor chip made from wood. More >>


England’s Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Westminster predict the future. More >>


Australian team is Kickstarter funding their driver optimization device to the US and UK markets. More >>


Circuit converts RF to DC for a 30 percent boost in battery charge More >>


Next Thing Co is running a successful Kickstarter to fund their small, powerful, inexpensive compute... More >>


Pilots wait for good weather required for dangerous trans-Pacific flight. More >>


Devices break down to molecular components when exposed to heat for easier recycling. More >>


Robots designed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge may one day save human lives in natural disasters. More >>


NASA in search of public-private partnerships with the goal of expanding space capabilities. More >>


Cars become more distracting with each new smart feature. Can turning driving into a game help? More >>


Elora Hardy discusses ideas behind her earthquake-proof buildings made almost entirely from bamboo. More >>


Bioreactors to use atmospheric C02 to make fuel. More >>


Device identifies the Young's modulus of cancerous tumors More >>


What applications are in store for harvesting neutrinos? More >>


UNplug is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their power controller and combat greenhouse gases ... More >>


Device developed by engineers could allow surgeons to access remote regions of the body More >>


2D material to interact closely with light, guiding, funneling and controlling it. More >>


Report suggests countries like Thailand and Peru are investing heavily in solar and wind energy More >>


Tests prove objects can be moved in zero gravity with Photonic Laser Thruster technology. More >>


Space rover designed for self-sustaining exploration More >>


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