CAM use not as widespread as CAD; survey reveals the gap. More >>


Survey highlights many frustrations CAM operators have on the job. But are they real? More >>


Study shows engineers could help machinists by understanding their frustrations. More >>


Are others noticing PTC might be onto something with $500 million Internet of Things investment? More >>


A tutorial video on how to locate drawing views and annotations residing in drawings. More >>


With the DWG format's steady popularity, President Neil Peterson sees ODA in a vital role. More >>


Experts pour their expertise into apps so that many can perform multidisciplinary analysis. More >>


New partnership with FluiDyna and acquisition of Click2Cast boosts Altair/HyperWorks’ CFD abilities. More >>


Delcam introduces Delcam for SOLIDWORKS 2016. What’s new? More >>


Autodesk bent on a complete cloud-based solution. A plan or a reaction? More >>


Users no longer need to mate aligned instances one by one. More >>


The pros and cons of various seismic assessments to prepare for when the big one hits. More >>


Autodesk’s Configurator 360 makes developing, finding and configuring complex part catalogs easier. More >>


Altair offers various technologies for topology and system-level concept design. More >>


Fusion 360’s September update is out. What’s new? What’s good? Has the software made a small step or... More >>


Onshape receives $80 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz. More >>


Video tutorial on how to avoid severing parametric links to edit BOM descriptions. More >>


Altair Partner Alliance adds Brüel & Kjær to their ranks for automotive NVH. More >>


Discount for registration ends on Sept. 28. More >>


Nor-Techs traveling demo cluster lets maxxed-out workstation users try HPC. More >>


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