Solid disassembly receives an enhancement and a new option makes it easier to convert imported solid... More >>


HyperWorks users can now optimize their touchscreen designs. More >>


Siemens’ STAR-CCM+ release also focuses on adaptive gridding and solid oxide fuel cells. More >>


OPTIS portfolio CAE can drastically reduce automotive development cycles. More >>


Does this mean technology is too important to be left to technologists? More >>


Browser-based CFD software Diabatix blends optimization with OpenFOAM. More >>


PAM-STAMP 2017 improves workflow to reduce sheet forming development time. More >>


Kisters releases an update to its CAD viewer, adding greater photorealism and rendering to the packa... More >>


SIMSOLID CEO discusses simulation for massive assemblies and complex geometry. More >>


Dassault announces that it will expand its innovation lab presence to North America, opening a 3DEXP... More >>


Autodesk CEO leaves. The real reasons – and the fake ones. More >> has launched a web-based industrial machine building platform that streamlines manufactur... More >>


Current users not rushing to the cloud. Future users—who knows? More >>


The VOLTA environment protects engineering information and promotes the exchange of data. More >>


Small aircraft are prone to crashing, so these engineers take on the challenge of a redesign. More >> provides an on-the-ground look at SOLIDWORKS World 2017. More >>


NVIDIA has released record revenue results, but what’s driving the surge in demand? More >>


ANSYS can help make cloud computing faster and more cost effective. More >>


SimScale’s electronics cooling simulations help engineers optimize product designs. More >>


Small aircraft company dreams of bringing back supersonic flights. More >>


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