The continuing story of the world’s most underrated CAD solution. More >>


VCollab combines simulation data from many sources and reduces dataset size. More >> talks with ANSYS about its new Twin Builder product. More >>


It’s a lot more than you think, according to the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium. More >>


Math2Market lets you mix particles, fibers, predict properties for voxel-scale manufacture of your u... More >>


CADENAS publishes PARTcommunity version 8 with live rendering, easier configurations, and more. More >>


Generative design is revolutionary, but when will we see the results in the mainstream? More >> speaks to Shaun Kroeger, director of Partner Sales (Americas) at solidThinking, to l... More >> takes a look at the drafting tool Canvas X. More >>


Amar Hanspal leads, Carl Bass follows to form AutoLab AI. They have already raised $113 million. More >>


An interview with Christian Welch, President of Swissomation, about his company’s use of CAD for mac... More >>


Small Hungarian team comes up with the most intuitive CAD interface ever, but you’ll need the iPad P... More >>


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation imposes strict controls on personal data. More >>


Users report better collaboration, lower cost, and superior business agility when performing product... More >>


The latest tier of Onshape adds advanced analytics, permission schemes, and more. More >>


nanoCAD offers advanced raster capability, point cloud editing, and more. More >>


ANSYS has released ANSYS 19.1 along with Twin Builder. More >>


The Dream Chaser CRS-2 will deliver cargo to the ISS in 2020. More >>


New features include keyboard accelerators, improved rendering, and more. More >>


IronCAD 2018 Product Update #1 adds a number of improvements. More >>


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