Calrissian surface wraps complex geometry and sends it to Autodesk CFD 2017. More >>


Dell updates its mobile workstations to accommodate state-of-the-art processors and memory. More >>


Intel’s next-gen Xeon Phi processors will compete with GPU performance, but at what cost? More >>


TransMagic updates its translation and 3D PDF tool. What’s in the new release? More >>


The mass production preparation software solution gets a visual editor update for speeding up effici... More >>


The iPhone creator recently tweaked an existing patent for a head-mounted display that’s powered by ... More >>


Researchers at Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science in New ... More >>


Autodesk’s Forge developer conference draws developers to highlight tools they can use to build appl... More >>


New smoothed aggregation algebraic multigrid, domain decomposition and discontinuous Galerkin solver... More >>


PTC’s Creo is set to be released in August. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the major features in thi... More >>


Altair unveils an open-source license option for its HPC job management tool. More >>


The software company recently overhauled its set of cloud services ahead of its first annual Forge D... More >>


Makers of CAD/CAE solutions solidThinking and HyperWorks join Modelica community for multi-domain si... More >>


Autodesk and Rescale partner to bring cloud-based HPC options to mold designers. More >>


New plug-in allows direct scanning into CAD. More >>


PTC is convinced that AR will boost maintenance and repair operations. More >>


CAM powerhouse Mastercam updates its CAD tool X9 Design with a few interesting features. More >>


External references keep drawings organized and free of unnecessary details to help with collaborati... More >>


HTC moves into enterprise sector with Business Edition version of its popular Vive VR system. More >>


Company debuts new AR headsets aimed at consumer and enterprise markets. More >>


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