New turbulence model simulation for aerospace design. More >>


Managing reusable content like Blocks with Tool Palettes and Design Center in AutoCAD for easy acces... More >>


New program designed for creating fixturing set-ups, assisting with documentation as well as off-lin... More >>


Altair's FluiDyna looks to accelerate simulation computing. More >>


aPriori refines its cost management software by focusing on user-driven improvements. More >>


Marrying Macs to HP Z Workstations with the Mac Receiver for HP RGS Users More >>


New MapleSim features streamline user experience and expanded modeling scope. More >>


New technical documentation server supports browser-based 3D document access and viewing. More >>


Partnership between SOLIDWORKS and Maplesoft hints at greater collaboration. More >>


What's PLE? And how can it accelerate your product innovation process? More >>


Multiscale Designer now integrated into HyperWorks More >>


You searched. You found a CAD model to boost your design reuse effort. But, is it good, complete and... More >>


Granta updates its tools for managing materials in an effort to make engineering autos a bit easier. More >>


Fin Field Effect Transistor abilities helps system on chip design. More >>


CAD Schroer’s new M4 ISO package streamlines pipe design and fabrication. More >>


Combining digital data with the real world for an augmented reality. More >>


By digitizing the Apollo 11 capsule, has the Smithsonian exposed a vision for the future of engineer... More >>


Hardware manufacturers, including NVIDIA and HP, bring VR to life with hardware product announcement... More >>


HyperWorks further expands its electromagnetic offerings of FEKO and JMAG. More >>


NVIDIA debuts the worlds first supercomputer in a box. Is it the beginning of a new era in high perf... More >>


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