Lear Corporation and ESI Group use FEA to design an automotive seat that adjusts itself for comfort ... More >>


Autodesk and Proto Labs hook up so users can get their parts made. More >>


Parameter control interface allows for easier DOE in Flowmaster. More >>


Scia may be the most capable structural analysis software you’ve never heard of. More >>


Community-driven Eπilysis solver designed for structural, NVH, optimization and more. More >>


Cloud-based CAD is gaining ground with designers, but how long before it flourishes? More >>


STAR Academy offers online and in-class training for STAR-CCM+ More >>


In computing, mobility and performance may be warring ideologies. Lenovo seeks détente with the Thin... More >>


NAFEMS keynotes look into what is next in the world of CAE. More >>


Air flow analysis shows the rider on your wheel is helping you. A car would help even more. More >>


You may never have heard of Teigha – or ODA. But you can bet your CAD company has. More >>


Siemens’ software and technology partner program pays off with the powerful CAMWorks 2015 tool. More >>


HPC Cloud Challenge opens CAE to the masses, but shouldn’t CAE & HPC use be common-place already? More >>


How computer aided engineering can revive dead-end medical research. More >>


What does the F-35 fighter have to do with wearable technology? More than you might think. More >>


Dassault makes a move on airplane interiors with its new Passenger Experience software. Will we ever... More >>


Tecplot Chorus 2015 sifts through the results of multiple analyses to uncover trends More >>


Composite structural simulation software adds connections to other FEA tools. More >>


Aras lands a 30,000 seat subscription from Airbus. Are changes underway in the PLM industry? More >>


While CAD and CAE will tell you how a part will look and perform, a third-party tool is needed to te... More >>


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