Engineers Develop Air Quality Monitor for the iPhone

Santa Clara engineers have developed an air quality monitor that plugs into a users iPhone and displays a safety score.

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Shape Optimization on Your Phone or Tablet, in Real Time, for Free

TopOpt app lets you make a “back of the envelope” shape and tries to improve it.

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VIDEO: Automated Machine Doors Improve Manufacturing Safety

Intelligent machine doors use vision systems and lightweight designs to prevent injury.

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Manufacturing Minute

Roboze Powers Up the New Roboze One

Roboze, focusing on high temperature desktop 3D printers, has released their most powerful unit Roboze One.

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Houston Has No Problem with Renewable Energy

Houston's municipal facilities are powered almost entirely by renewable energy. This 50MW solar farm is part of that renewable portfolio.

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NASA Grants to University Research Teams Aim to Develop Aeronautical Innovations

University-led research could lead to advanced wing designs, shape-changing aircraft and smart air traffic control.

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PLM This Week: PTC Introduces Kinex, a New Generation of IoT Applications Built on ThingWorx

Plus news on TechniaTranscat’s SOVELIA, Siemen’s acquisition of Mentor, and IFS’ growing momentum.

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KEPServerEX Version 6.1 Offers Enhanced IIoT Capabilities

New features in KEPServerEX include improved ThingWorx integration, OPC UA Client driver updates and more.

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Revit 2018 Adds New Features for MEP and Structural Engineers

Autodesk seeks to enhance the disciplinary coverage of Revit 2018 with new capabilities designed specifically for MEP and structural engineers.

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MecSoft Corporation Releases New and Improved 3D Printing Software

MecSoft Corporation has released the latest versions of its 3D printing software products.

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HP Places IP Security at a Premium with New Z Book Workstations

The HP ZBook line is expanded to bring greater performance to the mobile workstation market.

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