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Designer Edge - Julian Melchiorri has created a synthetic leaf that converts light and water into oxygen.  More>>

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3D Printing Creates the World’s First Replacement Knee Joint in a Cat

3D Printing - 3D Printing gets involved at the vet, playing a key role in the world's first replacement of a... More>>


Graphene Gets A Jolt of Competition

Designer Edge - Berkeley Lab Researchers Demonstrate Ultrafast Charge Transfer in New Family of 2D Semiconductors More>>


UAV Chopper Eliminate Invasive Weeds

Designer Edge - Australia's rare and precious rainforests could have an unexpected ally in the battle against... More>>


ReWalk - FDA approved exoskeleton for spinal cord injuries

Designer Edge - ReWalk Robotics has developed an exoskeleton for spinal cord injury patients to use during... More>>


BMW Offers an Armored SUV at Moscow Autoshow

Designer Edge - Hot on the heels of Mercedes' announcement of a security sedan, BMW debuts their own armored... More>>


First Man-Made Organ Grown in Lab

Designer Edge - For the first time ever bio-engineers have created a completely functional, man-made organ... More>>


A New Understanding of Nuclear Fuel

Designer Edge - Unexpected anisotropy in uranium dioxide may inhibit efficiency More>>


Solar Energy That Won't Obscure Your View

Designer Edge - A new type of solar concentrator collects energy while remaining completely transparent. Are... More>>


1.5V Powered Water Splitter Could Revolutionize Fuel Cell Development

Designer Edge - A new, cheap, low voltage fuel cell could finally reduce the cost of emission free vehicles. More>>


NASA's CanadArm Inspires Robotic Surgeons

Designer Edge - Robot allows surgeons to quickly navigate to surgical sites in the body More>>


Ultrasonic Sensor SOC can Sense Objects and Distance for Automotive and Industrial Designs

Electronics - Adding object detection and distance monitoring to designs. More>>


T100 - next generation thrusters for marine robotics

Designer Edge - Blue Robotics is Kickstarter funding a production run for their high performance low cost marine... More>>


World’s Fastest Camera Announced

Designer Edge - A new camera developed by researchers in Japan can shoot 4.4 trillion frames per second. More>>


3D Systems’ Digital Thread Enhances U.S. Marine Corps Combat and Logistic Units’ Toolkit

3D Printing - 3D Systems'; scan, design, print and inspection tools are making it easier torecreate vital... More>>


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