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Education - Chemical Bio-molecular Engineers develop a quick-dry sticky polymer.  More>>

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New Telescope Design Removes Lenses and Increases Resolution

Designer Edge - A new lensless telescope design could make deep field observations 1000x sharper and slash... More>>


New Metamaterial Bends Acoustic & Elastic Waves

Designer Edge - A new metamaterial bends both acoustic and elastic waves cloaking an object in its surroundings.... More>>


Can Virtual Reality help Optimize Product Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations?

Design Software - ESI Group's IC.IDO promises to enhance product development, manufacturing, maintenance and sales. More>>


Graphene 3D Lab Ready for Graphene-Enhanced Filament Production

3D Printing - Graphene 3D Lab to begin producing graphene filaments for 3D printing. More>>


New Nanoscale Mirrors Make Data Tranfers More Secure

Designer Edge - New nanoscale mirrors look to be a key in securing data transfers and maybe quantum computer memory. More>>


Safer Li-Ion Batteries using Kevlar membranes

Advanced Manufacturing - New Kevlar membrane could save lives, prevent airline disasters, reduce battery size, and... More>>


Manufacturers Take Note: This Economic Indicator Forecasts Growth this Quarter

Advanced Manufacturing - Chemical Activity Barometer is a consistent leading indicator<br /> More>>


What is My Engineering Software Doing and How Can I Get it to Do More?

Design Software - Civil/structural design software lack transparency in checks. So create your own. More>>


Integrated CAD/CAM: Truly Art to Part

Design Software - Machining parts from the comfort of your CAD software More>>


Engineering Discovery Brings Invisibility Closer to Reality

Designer Edge - Advances in metamaterials are happening at an unprecedented rate. Now researchers say they're... More>>


Kevlar Coating Makes Lithium Batteries Safer, Slimmer

Designer Edge - A new Kevlar coating promises slimmer and safer batteries. Could the same coating prevent... More>>


Next Generation Natural Gas Fuel Cells

Designer Edge - University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge partner for on-site generation. More>>


Future of Reality Computing from Car Restoration Perspective

Design Software - REAL Conversations on Reality Computing More>>



Webinar: From Weeks to Minutes: How Trussbilt Streamlined their Design Process

Design Software - As a leading manufacturer of metal doors and window frames for high security environments,... More>>


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