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Israel Electric Corp. to Build $1.3 Billion Chinese Solar Project
Israel Electric Corp. has signed contracts to build a $1.3 billion 240 megawatt solar energy project...
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Highway through a Building

 This 16 story building is located in Osaka, Japan.  This is a clever compromise to shorta... More >>
Boat Crashes

 Boat Crashes Off with the Head: Bridge is Lowered to soon Rules of the Road: Who was ... More >>
Hand Produced Cars

The Morgan Motor Company produces all cars by hand.  They can produce around 600 cars per year ... More >>
The Shark Boat - Personal Sub
A sub/jet ski mix provides alot of good times.
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Guatemalan Sinkhole
Huge sinkhole after tropical storm in Guatemala.
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Eurpoean Airspace Video after Volcano
Video showing European airspace returning to normal after volcano.
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Ash Cloud
Animation of ash spread from Iceland Volcano
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Jet Pack for 50K
No license required!  Very safe
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Should be the "Engineer's Yearbook"
I stumbled on this site and thought it showed many great examples of future engineers.
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Unsold cars stored on test track
The cars are piling up all over the world, especially in Europe!
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The most advanced saw in the world!
Automatic brake table saw!
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Guy builds Countach in basement
Guy builds Countach in his basement
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Hadron Collider Failure!!!!
It Broke!
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Follow Up 1: Large Hadron Test 1 Complete
WE'RE ALIVE!  The first test went this morning and we're all still here.
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Images of common Household objects deconstructed.........
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Large Hadron Collider Images
Great images of the Large Hadron Collider.
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Recording Pen
A pen that records while you are writing......
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Homemade roller coaster
Tired of 2 hour lines?  Got a little extra steel rod kicking around?  Build your own rolle...
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Cancer Cure
This sounds very promising and surprisingly simple.
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Secret Russian Sub Base
A relic of the cold war, this sub base buried deep in a mountain in the Ukraine  is an incredib...
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Sluice Channel of Sichuan
An essential sluice channel was dug to drain a dangerously rising lake as a result of the ...
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What problem can you solve with 3 million 4 inch balls?
In order to protect a reservoir from sunlight 3 million plastic balls are being added.  The sun...
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