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Two Clocks Puzzle

We know that two ideal clocks permanently at rest relative to each other can be synchronized by mean... More >>
One-way Speed of Light a Convention?
The two-way speed of light has been proven to isotropic in all inertial frames, the same in all dire...
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What is the Speed of Gravity?
The so-called 'speed of gravity' has been the source of some controversy over the years. The anti-re...
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What is Gravity?
What is gravity? The truth is that at the most fundamental level, no one really knows. This post cov...
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The "Twin Paradox"
This old 'enigma' has puzzled scores of people over the last century. There are many so-called 'solu...
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What is Relativity?
In this opening post, I will start to answer the question: what is relativity? There is obviously a ...
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