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Corruption, Extortion and Automotive test labs
To most aspiring engineers, a test lab is a place where parts are tested against a specification and...
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Where are all the Women Engineers?
The very day we started college it struck all of us guy engineers.  As we walked into our ...
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(step aside for the) Automotive Expert

Today I was referred to as an "expert" in my field. After a split second sense of pride, I remembere... More >>
Automotive word of the week - whiskers

Prior to January 18th 2011,whiskers grew on your cat and face. Now they grow on intricate elect... More >>
Behind the scenes of warranty.

I once walked into the service line at Walmart while some looser ahead of me was returning a broken ... More >>
Auto Designers: Sultans of snot?

Auto magazines like to use the title "designer" in the context of "Sang Yup Lee - The designer of th... More >>
Profession from Hell: 7 tips for becoming a Quality Manager
Forget statistics and Taguchi's method for design of experiments. Quality engineering is about deali...
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A day in the life of an automotive design engineer
You get to the office 5 minutes late. You don't feel guilty. You were in till 11:00pm last...
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Engineering word of the week: Benchmarking
Benchmarking - It's hammer time In order to align ourselves with the latest styling trends and engi...
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Opel Ampera styling cues
Opel Ampera styling cues Something always intrigued me about the styling of the new Opel Ampera (Eur...
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Design Engineering: the real word
Design Engineering: the real word Every time I interview a spring chicken that tells me how they dr...
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China's Copy-Cat Certification (CCC)
From cars to camels to China. Find out how automotive design engineering got 1 step more beurocratic...
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Applying Automotive techniques to your spouse
Read more about Pawl's process improvements and his pants...
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GM's website: what's wrong with waste?
GM's Website: What's wrong with waste? I recently visited the GM website and I was welcom...
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How to prevent Sh*t part design from happening
This week, Pawl puts on his quality hat and dispenses advice about reaching the pinnacle of perfecti...
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The truth about automotive service (spare) parts
This week Pawl exposes the sinister world of spare parts sales. &l
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Program Managers: The linchpins of the automotive development world
This week Pawl takes a look at an automotive role that is more than a cog in the wheel. Program mana...
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How to become the top dog of your engineering office
This week Pawl lectures us on the 10 habits needed to weave and weasel our way to the top
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Dr. Seuss' advice to Toyota
This week Pawl turns to Doctor Seuss for advice on how to survive a 'hang-up.' Can be applied to fau...
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Lincoln MKQ and A
This week Pawl quizzes drivers on their ability to name Lincolns
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PPAP smear campaign
In the dreamy world of quality engineering, PPAP (pronounced "pee" as in urinate and "PAP" as in the...
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As Toyota's quality tends towards infinity...
This week, Pawl puts on his economist hat to question the root cause of Toyota's declining sales
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The big bad supplier is gonna get you
Pawl describes the horrors of the post recession auto industry
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Plagiarism, Extortion and CCC certification
This week, Pawl describes the pains involved in selling to China...
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5 reasons to love your auto design engineering job
This week, on a rare positive note, Pawl takes a look at what makes auto design engineers tick.
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Love thy Engineering Change
Learn how to tap into evil corporate wealth one engineering change at a time...
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How to bum a free vacation: The Toyota Way
This week, Pawl dispenses advice on how to convert stressful work into a free trip across the c...
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Old men drive pick up trucks
This week, Pawl kaizenizes his grandpa's pick-up truck.
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Q:Why do volts have heated rear windows?
This week, Pawl wonders if two consecutive mishaps with rechargeable batteries are a bad omen for th...
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Structural ribs for added pleasure
Never ever put ribs and radii on parts before a design review meeting. Here's why:
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Giveback café
The word of the week for your Automotive Engineering Vocabulary.
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Dear Abby, my son wants to become a quality engineer
A quality engineer walks into the office in the morning. His desk is old and has some permanent coff...
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effing FMEA
If you ever had any lecture on "automotive quality engineering" you're forgiven for believing that t...
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