About Chris Gammell
Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an analog electrical engineer from Cleveland, OH. He is the co-host of The Amp Hour podcast , the face behind ChipReport.tv , the founder of EngineerBlogs.org and joined Jeff Shelton in mid 2012 to start The Engineering Commons . He sleeps occasionally.

Entries for 'ChrisGammell'

The Engineering Commons #13: Free Agency

Podcast: Download In this episode, Chris and Jeff discuss engineers who find employment on a proj... More >>
The Engineering Commons #12: Ethics

Podcast: Download What obligations do engineers have to others? Where do the lines of legality, ... More >>
The Engineering Commons #11: Patents

Podcast: Download This episode was initially posted to The Engineering Commons  It sometimes... More >>
The Engineering Commons #10: Software Carpentry

Podcast: Download This story was originally posted on TheEngineeringCommons.com Software is a... More >>
Engineering Commons #9 - STEM Education

Podcast: Download In this episode, Chris and Jeff discuss STEM education with two educators/engine... More >>

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