I’m Pickin Up Good Vibrations
Tracy Valentine posted on October 29, 2009 | 5581 views
Trenton Systems is taking a note from the Beach Boys hit "Good Vibrations". Many military customers have demanding applications that must withstand constant vibration over a long period of time. Like many things, the devil is in the details, so below I'm going to show just a few things Trenton does for customers that must withstand constant vibration.

The cable sleeving is the first thing that will stand out at you when you look inside a Trenton rackmount system that is designed to withstand vibration. You can see below some of the sleeved cables that carry the power, reset and front mount USB back to the processor boards. A subtle detail you should note is the slack Trenton has put near the headers. This ensures that the connectors are not strained which would cause failures over time.


Another thing Trenton does to ensure cables do not wear over time is to put grommet material on edges that come close to cables. You can see two examples below (the edge of a mounting plate and the edge of a backplane).



Most systems that use SBC (Single Board Computer) processor boards are secured on 3 sides. The hold down bar is the most obvious mounting point, but you'll also note that the connectors to the backplane and the screw holding the I/O plate also provide mechanical stability. One way Trenton differentiates itself is to also provide a bracket that holds the CPU end of the processor board (where most of the weight is) and secures it to the fan bar. You can see an example of a bracket in the picture below. Note the rubber bumper that also helps with vertical vibration.


Special attention is paid to any screw that is in the system. Trenton uses lock washers anywhere possible. If we can't use lock washers (i.e. countersunk screws) then we make sure that the screw has Loctite applied.

There are many other details that Trenton puts into vibration sensitive systems. Like the Beach Boys, Trenton Systems is picking up good vibrations!

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