The two-way speed of light has been proven to isotropic in all inertial frames, the same in all dire... More >>


This week, Pawl puts on his economist hat to question the root cause of Toyota's declining sales More >>


Solar One Gets Some Inside Parts No one knows better than me how slow things are going.  ... More >>


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The supposed rave of Microsoft Office 2007 does not reach the shores of the engineering profession; ... More >>


Here are some of the most common questions we get about the PICMG 1.3 spec. More >>


MathCAD has its followers and is to be commended for the user-awareness approach and examples. Howev... More >>


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Failing bridges aren't the only engineering disasters More >>


This example shows a few pages from the calculations for a building subject to Blast using the ASCE ... More >>


 Free to Teachers and Anyone else that can use them. by Corporal Willy,  Jan. 8, 2010 &n... More >>


Will we start seeing applications for large sized 3D printed end-use production parts? We've had a l... More >>


CHEAP and or FREE   Every so often I do an extensive research into what is CHEAP or FREE on th... More >>


This week, Pawl describes the pains involved in selling to China... More >>


While engineering calculations are not always critical deliverables, they are the bedrock of the str... More >>


This week, on a rare positive note, Pawl takes a look at what makes auto design engineers tick. More >>


What’s your Cost per Lead? More >>


Learn how to tap into evil corporate wealth one engineering change at a time... More >>


With all the great contacts I have in the CAD industry, it is always nice to be able to tell you whe... More >>


What's the latest on Solar One of No one in my community understands the need I ha... More >>


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This week, Pawl kaizenizes his grandpa's pick-up truck. More >>


How to be a hero without going to a mall More >>


This week, Pawl wonders if two consecutive mishaps with rechargeable batteries are a bad omen for th... More >>


Most management academics will adamantly defend outsourcing - a company that can source activities e... More >>


I believe these geometric solids are NEW - not previously disclosed in any popular mathematics text.... More >>


Never ever put ribs and radii on parts before a design review meeting. Here's why: More >>


  Off and Running; First Ever SolidWorks User Group Meeing held in Las Vegas, Nevada. More >>


The word of the week for your Automotive Engineering Vocabulary. More >>


First of a series of blog posts on how to use the Internet to reach a technical market More >>


A quality engineer walks into the office in the morning. His desk is old and has some permanent coff... More >>


Think of someplace remote and then look at this one.     For all those teachers and... More >>


One of the biggest American renewable energy companies use real time condition monitoring DTS (distr... More >>


Trenton is a proud sponsor of Toys for Tots as we believe in supporting and giving back to our local... More >>


How would you design your dream system? More >>


Thank you to all the past, present and future men and women of our wonderful Armed Services! More >>


Technology is the key driver in the quest for greater efficiency. In the oil and gas industry, there... More >>


The biggest Danish utility owner has successfully completed the installation of LIOS' Single Mode DT... More >> announces Q3 results More >>


What are the top 5 ways to motivate Engineers? More >>


Solar One of; Progress Report More >>


If you ever had any lecture on "automotive quality engineering" you're forgiven for believing that t... More >>


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Informational Invitation to a new SolidWorks User Group forming in Las Vegas.    ... More >>


How vibration testing in computers can actually be funny. More >>


We all know how hard it was to prepare ourselves for our careers.  Many of us have never worked... More >>


Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)An eco-friendly alternative? Designing for sustainability is a hot... More >>


Gog-Magog structures are almost the last word in Near-Sphere Domes technology. Any not-too-pliant id... More >>


A Beautiful Marriage By Corporal Willy, October 21st, 2009    One of the nice things ab... More >>


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