Civil Designers realize the writing is on the wall again. The brutal transformation of draughtsmen t... More >>


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Seth Godin’s new book OK for some, but little value to engineers More >>


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Benchmarks on Trenton Technology's JXT6966 that features PCI GEN 2 and Nehelam Intel processors. More >>


Where is Your Meeting Going to be at? You might want to take a look at this if you are still at the... More >>


The promise of crowdsourcing/collaborative design is filled with frothing-at-the-mouth hype juxtapos... More >>


Providing sufficient electrical power reliably requires ongoing monitoring of temperatures within ov... More >>


This week Pawl lectures us on the 10 habits needed to weave and weasel our way to the top More >>


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Frankly Speaking: Career Day at the North West Career Technical Academy.  By Richard Williams... More >>


3D printed architecture models and how one boys dream came true. More >>


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Office Engineers & Other Workers More >>


Free eBook – Digital Marketing for Engineers More >>


Trenton will be releasing a new system host board later this week that supports PCI Express Gen 2.0.... More >>


 Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, Additive Fabrication ......   The industry I work in... More >>


Engineers are reluctant to change their methods of creating calculations, understandably so. Their e... More >>


Check your Tool Box for What you Need By Corporal Willy, Feb 3rd, 2010 Well I guess I just cannot ... More >>


When it’s shameless promotional spam! More >>


In the dreamy world of quality engineering, PPAP (pronounced "pee" as in urinate and "PAP" as in the... More >>


Teachers, Students and Everybody Else By Corporal Willy,  Jan, 27th  2010 More >>


Trenton's 30-Day Free Evals Make Engineers Happy   More >>


Calling All Students, Teachers, Engineers and Interested People in Education. More >>


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The two-way speed of light has been proven to isotropic in all inertial frames, the same in all dire... More >>


This week, Pawl puts on his economist hat to question the root cause of Toyota's declining sales More >>


Solar One Gets Some Inside Parts No one knows better than me how slow things are going.  ... More >>


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The supposed rave of Microsoft Office 2007 does not reach the shores of the engineering profession; ... More >>


Here are some of the most common questions we get about the PICMG 1.3 spec. More >>


MathCAD has its followers and is to be commended for the user-awareness approach and examples. Howev... More >>


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Failing bridges aren't the only engineering disasters More >>


This example shows a few pages from the calculations for a building subject to Blast using the ASCE ... More >>


 Free to Teachers and Anyone else that can use them. by Corporal Willy,  Jan. 8, 2010 &n... More >>


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CHEAP and or FREE   Every so often I do an extensive research into what is CHEAP or FREE on th... More >>


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This week, Pawl dispenses advice on how to convert stressful work into a free trip across the c... More >>


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