With the hurricane season approaching, the members of the Eagle Team remain concerned about the immi... More >>


Gulf Oil Spill Beach Clean-Up More >>


I do know something about this field because it has been of great interest to me and to others aroun... More >>


One thing is certain, you have to admire these designs for coming up with ‘usable’ navigation paths ... More >>


The Eagle Team, the impressive group of engineer and designers behind the solutions for BP, has in t... More >>


In order to proceed here I will offer some observations to everyone first. This isn’t the first spil... More >>


I have already proposed various conceptual innovations for "solar concentrators" among my various en... More >>


BP already has a fleet of ships in support of the ill fated Horizon Drilling Platform. The ships we ... More >>


The latest addition to the series is a solution which makes use of retired Super Oil Tanker. Accordi... More >>


Today is a Special Day for All of us Fathers. By Corporal Willy.      &nbs... More >>


Read more about Pawl's process improvements and his pants... More >>


Designs from Members Comments More >>


Gulf Oil Spill - Your Comments More >>


As BP continues its belated understanding of Fluid Dynamics 4001, one issue that has not been addres... More >>


Will you wait for content?  Studies say no. More >>


Recently, BP has come under fire for spending upwards of $50M on a PR campaign to get in better stan... More >>


Several recent incidents in industry have proved that the risks coming from cyber security breaches ... More >>


Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) uses its Fortus 3D Production System to solve race car problems in ... More >>


GM's Website: What's wrong with waste? I recently visited the GM website and I was welcom... More >>


Huge sinkhole after tropical storm in Guatemala. More >>


Engineering Ideas and Design Solutions Needed NOW!  By Corporal Willy, May 29th 2010. More >>


Selling engineering to the next generation More >>


A Combination of Really Good Things Leads to Championships.  By Corporal Willy May 24th, 2010 ... More >>


 A Memorable Trip  By Corporal Willy April 2010    I took some pictures on my... More >>


PayBac     Is it ever worthwhile to help guide children into a better life?&nbs... More >>


A Serious Problem Exists We Need Solutions Immediately. We need our membership to do a little brain... More >>


Some photos showing the impact of the volcano in Iceland. More >>


A guide for graduates on how to survive the economy and take advantage of opportunities available to... More >>


 We need your help!      We are having some problems locating large peices... More >>


This disclosure defines a toy/game that also pretends to be an engineering disciple, a science and a... More >>


This week’s profile engineer is Dr. Wernher von Braun, a German-American rocket scientist, astronaut... More >>


Video showing European airspace returning to normal after volcano. More >>


Given the changing dynamics of the globe, engineers are now faced with a collective responsibility t... More >>


Animation of ash spread from Iceland Volcano More >>


The SEC dropped a bomb last week by leveling a complaint against Goldman, sending shivers to the fin... More >>


Time for a makeover? More >>


They hardly wear ties or pant suits into the office; they text; some Tweet; they definitely have a F... More >>


Distributed Temperature Sensing Systems (DTS) are optoelectronic devices which measure temperatures ... More >>


Power, Features, Tools, Capabilities and NOW Turbo Charged to Boot.  By Corporal Willy, April... More >>


This week, Pawl puts on his quality hat and dispenses advice about reaching the pinnacle of perfecti... More >>


Continuous and cost-effective monitoring of the electric transmission and distribution grid is the e... More >>


A single double-acting piston moving in a two-chamber cylinder is driven by steam in one chamber, bu... More >>


A Throw Away Economy for Today, Maybe Not.     It would be wrong of me not to ... More >>


We get asked one question a lot:  who is MBA Day Camp for?  Its simple, our customers are ... More >>


This week Pawl exposes the sinister world of spare parts sales. &l More >>


No license required!  Very safe More >>


Something major is underway here at the Hoover Dam Bypass project.  I thought all those interes... More >>


This week Pawl takes a look at an automotive role that is more than a cog in the wheel. Program mana... More >>


Trenton's new Westmere embedded motherboard for long life motherboard applications in an Extended AT... More >>


From what I understand about Cloud computing, I think it is an attempt to move us into an on-demand ... More >>


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