911EDA Completes its 1000th Design

911EDA, Inc. Completes its 1000th Design 911EDA, Inc., a premier printed circuit board design firm, ... More >>
Throw that design for manufacturing guide out the window!

One of the key benefits of direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is true "Freedom of Design." DDM ... More >>
911EDA Launches New Website

911EDA, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website at www.911eda.com.  O... More >>
Brazil Insists on Environmental Considerations in Certification of Batteries and Cells
 Brazil has passed Settlement CONAMA no. 401/08 into law as of July 2009, tightening controls o...
More >>
High-Density Computing Systems in Surveillance & Communication Applications

The MAE2010 (Military, Defense & Aerospace Electronics Technical Conference & Exhibition) co... More >>
Record of ANSYS - IOSO Robust Optimization for CFD Webinar

 Dear Colleagues, The official version of ANSYS - IOSO RDO for CFD Webinar record is available... More >>
Auto Designers: Sultans of snot?

Auto magazines like to use the title "designer" in the context of "Sang Yup Lee - The designer of th... More >>
Christmas Gifts for Young Engineers
 At some point in the next few weeks you will be looking for a Christmas present for the young ...
More >>
Starving Packer and How to Solve It With Polytron
 Through thousands of engagements with some of the world's largest manufacturers, our unique pa...
More >>
IOSO Optimization for Turbomachinery new Video Tutorials

Hello, We would like to offer you step by step Video Tutorials of IOSO Optimization coupled wit... More >>
Engineering Happiness
Applying the lessons of online retailer Zappos to engineers
More >>
Education at its Best

  College Credits in High School  By Corporal Willy, Sept. 15th 2010     &#... More >>
Solve the Starving Packer Problem with Polytron

E2M and Polytron, leaders in helping customers engineer and operate with manufacturing excellence, c... More >>

E2M, a leader in helping customers engineer and operate with manufacturing excellence, recently sent... More >>
Hand Produced Cars
The Morgan Motor Company produces all cars by hand.  They can produce around 600 cars per year with ...
More >>
C4ISR Capability Relies On Embedded Computers

As the technology of battlefield command shifted from analog to digital, and as both communications ... More >>
Entry # 21 The real McCoy MaCube

  ENTRY # 21 : THE REAL McCOY MaCUBE (Colour-Pattern-Puzzle)   ZERO-LEVEL by Encubator-San... More >>
One Two Three Punch

  IMSI/Design Delivers a One Two Three Punch By Corporal Willy, October 31st 2010    ... More >>
Something new, while waiting for Boulton-Huxley

  Entry 20 : Something new while waiting for Boulton-Huxley.   A local “professional” Gee... More >>
Profession from Hell: 7 tips for becoming a Quality Manager
Forget statistics and Taguchi's method for design of experiments. Quality engineering is about deali...
More >>
Great Science Teacher Video Contest Winners

ENGINEERING.com and Dassault Systemes announced the winners of the Great Science Teacher Video&... More >>
Entry 19 - more about solar electricity, sea-water and all that

  Entry 19 : ENER-AGRICULTURE & ECOLOGISTICS - a draft-note aimed at any future “Philosophy... More >>
IOSO and ANSYS, Inc. to provide a joint Webinar on Robust Design Optimization

Webinar announcement Sigma technology to participate in ansys RDO webinar series Multilevel Robust D... More >>
NASA Engineer wins an Ipad

Engineering.com recently surveyed over 800 engineers as part of the 2010 job prospects for engineers... More >>
 Through thousands of engagements with some of the world's largest manufacturers, our unique pa...
More >>
Entry 18 - Renewable Energy Engineering : overcoming fundamental constraints

  Renewable Energy engineering : overcoming fundamental constraints     This 18th en... More >>
China's $62-billion river diversion project might be the next Great Wall

I suspect that when the plans for the Great Wall of China were presented to the then Emperor of Chin... More >>
Shedding Some Light on Bulb Options

We test Incandescents, CFLs and LEDs It's not simple to buy light bulbs these days. What's with all ... More >>
Greenwashing - The Dirty Truth

Greenwashing is the practice of promoting the green attributes of a product to increase sales, even ... More >>
A day in the life of an automotive design engineer
You get to the office 5 minutes late. You don't feel guilty. You were in till 11:00pm last...
More >>
Education Today is not like it Was
At the Engineering Show Presentation, A-TECH was there with student ambassadors and some of their pr...
More >>
PCIe Gen Questions and Answers

Since the PCIe Gen3 spec is on the way, we thought we would publish some questions and answers regar... More >>
College in High School

  High School College Credits  By Corporal Willy, Sept. 15th 2010     Proje... More >>
Once more unto . . .
This entry is by way of a progress report on my construction of a cost-effective solar concentrator ...
More >>
Engineering word of the week: Benchmarking
Benchmarking - It's hammer time In order to align ourselves with the latest styling trends and engi...
More >>
Online tools for engineering students
We recently spoke to 2nd year engineering students at Queens University about their online tools.
More >>
8 Reasons to Design a Custom Rackmount Enclosure
8 Reasons to Design a Custom Rackmount Enclosure
More >>
Something you might be able to use.
Well, if you have taken advantage of the information I post from time to time this might be useful t...
More >>
Education is Planned.
I know how that might sound but it really does take a lot of people who are real experts in the educ...
More >>
5 Famous Moments of Genius
We have all had those moments. Those intense moments when a sudden gush of energy propels your brain...
More >>
Opel Ampera styling cues
Opel Ampera styling cues Something always intrigued me about the styling of the new Opel Ampera (Eur...
More >>
The death (and rebirth) of Digital Advertising
The death (and rebirth) of digital advertising as we know it Here is why the digital media advertisi...
More >>
The Shark Boat - Personal Sub
A sub/jet ski mix provides alot of good times.
More >>
High Speed Rail – Are we on the right track?
High speed has been a constant buzzword over the past year or so. Partly fueled by President Obama’s...
More >>
What you can do when you don't know what to do.
Are you dissolulioned about things?  Are the ecomomic times getting you down?  Are the bil...
More >>
The great engineering innovation delusion PLUS a chapter on pumps
Are we sacrificing quality manufacturing for expensive R&D?
More >>
Design Engineering: the real word
Design Engineering: the real word Every time I interview a spring chicken that tells me how they dr...
More >>
10 Tips for Electric Utilities to Implement Condition Monitoring Successfully
Real time condition monitoring has become a well accepted tool for thermal assessment and accurate r...
More >>
PCI Express Gen 2 Cards – What’s Available Today?
Are there enough different types of PCI Express 2.0 COTS option cards available today that will enab...
More >>

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