I'm not an engineer :-(

 I'm not an engineer unfortunately, but I want to be one, or at least I want to have engineerin... More >>
Are engineers really socially inept?

“Your Net Worth = Your Network” ...I hate that saying. In fact I hate most one line buzz phrases. Bu... More >>
SGS Consumer Testing Expert speaks at Medical Device Standards Seminar
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More >>
ECOSat - University Students in Epic Aerosapce Battle

Down at the University of Victora, in British Columbia Canada, undergraduate engineering students ha... More >>
Heat Exchangers and Their Types - Tube, Shell, Regenerative and Plate Heat Exchangers

There is not a lot of public knowledge about heat exchangers; they are generally only discussed in m... More >>
Coiled Cords and Material Choices
 Whatever the application knowing how to specify a coil cord is critical in achieving the desig...
More >>
My Engine Love

From Automobile to Electric, engine is what i loved to learn about. Hybrid engines & Fuel cells ... More >>
How to Make a Coiled Cable

 We have all seen them, a coiled cable that makes connecting two electronic devices so much eas... More >>
Cable Assemblies and Strain Relieving

 Anyone who has used an electronic device has come in contact with a strain relieved wire or ca... More >>
Radiation residue: How can it affect your shipments and what can you do about it?
In order to prevent contamination and detect levels of radiation, authorities in some countries have...
More >>
Education Collapse?

  Corporal Willy Report   By Corporal Willy aka Richard Williams      ... More >>
Entry # 24 - Engdotcomhg, an air-buoyant vacuum container

  Entry # 24 A breakthrough in the matter of “air-buoyant vacuum containers”.   While car... More >>
Coil Cords - How to Specify the Physical Shape
 Bud Kinzalow is President of Meridian Cable and has been in the cable industry for over 25 yea...
More >>
Engineering Humor Series - Surgeons Know Best about Engineers

Five surgeons were taking a coffee break and discussing their work. The first said, "I think account... More >>
Welcome to the Automation World
Being in Automation Industries for few years, feels you crazy while programming Giant & Heavy machin...
More >>
PV Systems Investments Protected by CB Certification

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The World Today

  Think and wonder. Just my thoughts.        Well I can sum thing... More >>
Rebuild Your Beverage Line
Engineers at a premium beverage brand are under tough restrictions with completing a long list of ta...
More >>
(step aside for the) Automotive Expert

Today I was referred to as an "expert" in my field. After a split second sense of pride, I remembere... More >>
Keep up to Date with EDA and Electronics Industry News

It is important for engineers and PCB designers to keep up with what is happening in the EDA industr... More >>
RoHS II Gathers Momentum – European Parliament Completes First Reading on Draft
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More >>
SGS First to Offer Brazil Companies Accredited Certification for RoHS and REACH
SGS is the first company to be accredited for RoHS and REACH audits in Brazil.
More >>
High School Engineering Club

Hello my name is Ritchie and I am a junior in high school. Throughout high school I have always had ... More >>
Structural Engineer (SE) Licensure Explained

 Structural Engineer (SE) Licensure Explained   Engineering professionals of all disciplin... More >>
Automotive word of the week - whiskers

Prior to January 18th 2011,whiskers grew on your cat and face. Now they grow on intricate elect... More >>
Entry #23 : A cost-effective solar concentrator : mission accomplished

  A COST-EFFECTIVE SOLAR CONCENTRATOR : Mission accomplished !   This website, “Engineeri... More >>
"Objectified" - Documentary about our relationship with design.

A coworker told me about this interesting documentary about design, called Objectified.  The ma... More >>
The Frequent Need (and Solution) for Expedited PCB Layout Services

911EDA, a premier PCB layout and PCB design firm, generally supports customers who either ... More >>
ITAR Compliance Issues

911EDA, Inc. supports many customers bound by ITAR compliance requirements.  All members of the... More >>
Highway through a Building

 This 16 story building is located in Osaka, Japan.  This is a clever compromise to shorta... More >>
PCB Layout Services using Altium Designer 10
911EDA is excited about the upcoming release of Altium Designer 10 and will be fully supporting desi...
More >>
Behind the scenes of warranty.

I once walked into the service line at Walmart while some looser ahead of me was returning a broken ... More >>
Rackmont Computer Shock and Vibration

There are a number of terms which should be understood before entering into a discussion of vibratio... More >>
Preparing for LEED Accreditation Online: a Review of Several Leading Online LEED Course Providers
Review of online LEED education providers. Engineers can compare online LEED providers before decidi...
More >>
Changes to Come

What will Happen and When. By Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy, Jan, 7th, 2011     ... More >>
A new Weapon
This weapon has the most powerful technologies ever imagined into a small rifle.
More >>
SGS Offers Global Assistance with Certification for Exporting Electronics to Russia
  The market entry process for companies wishing to export electrical and electronics (E&E)...
More >>
Solar Air Conditioning Case Study

As a new member, I'd like to share this case study on solar air conditioning design, calculation and... More >>
Boat Crashes

 Boat Crashes Off with the Head: Bridge is Lowered to soon Rules of the Road: Who was ... More >>
911EDA Completes its 1000th Design

911EDA, Inc. Completes its 1000th Design 911EDA, Inc., a premier printed circuit board design firm, ... More >>
Throw that design for manufacturing guide out the window!

One of the key benefits of direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is true "Freedom of Design." DDM ... More >>
911EDA Launches New Website

911EDA, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website at www.911eda.com.  O... More >>
Brazil Insists on Environmental Considerations in Certification of Batteries and Cells
 Brazil has passed Settlement CONAMA no. 401/08 into law as of July 2009, tightening controls o...
More >>
High-Density Computing Systems in Surveillance & Communication Applications

The MAE2010 (Military, Defense & Aerospace Electronics Technical Conference & Exhibition) co... More >>
Record of ANSYS - IOSO Robust Optimization for CFD Webinar

 Dear Colleagues, The official version of ANSYS - IOSO RDO for CFD Webinar record is available... More >>
Auto Designers: Sultans of snot?

Auto magazines like to use the title "designer" in the context of "Sang Yup Lee - The designer of th... More >>
Christmas Gifts for Young Engineers
 At some point in the next few weeks you will be looking for a Christmas present for the young ...
More >>
Starving Packer and How to Solve It With Polytron
 Through thousands of engagements with some of the world's largest manufacturers, our unique pa...
More >>
IOSO Optimization for Turbomachinery new Video Tutorials

Hello, We would like to offer you step by step Video Tutorials of IOSO Optimization coupled wit... More >>

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