Renewable Technologies and our Energy Future - An Interview with Tom Murphy   Rising geopolit... More >>


Appearances By Science Celebrities, Performers and Entrepreneurs Will Take “Star Gazing”... More >>


To all the Members of and the world at large, I do solemnly swear and affirm that on... More >>


Entries now being accepted for the 2012 Kavli Science Video Contest  The Kavli Science Video ... More >>


On Thursday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the first nuclear power plant in the US since... More >>


There is perhaps no more controversial energy source after nuclear than "hydraulic fracturing," or "... More >>


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is an idea for creating renewable energy by exploiting the di... More >>


As we start a new year, consider the miserable plight of the average Pakistani electricity consumer.... More >>


Have you ever thought backwards in time about how you learned things in the past? Or are you more li... More >>


2011 saw huge advances in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, and these advancements wil... More >>




Researchers have reduced the preparation time of quantum dot solar cells to less than an hour by cha... More >>


 Source: More >>


We know that two ideal clocks permanently at rest relative to each other can be synchronized by mean... More >>


PageRank is the technique used by Google to determine importance of page on the web. It considers al... More >>


One of the great challenges of space exploration is that it is just so costly.  NASA now report... More >>


Canada has announced its intention to withdraw from the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse gas emissions (GG... More >>


Economic South Asian superpower India has firmly embraced solar power, advancing the target date by ... More >>


 The U.S. biofuel industry has long been stymied by the lack of USDA federal crop insurance, le... More >>


Americans looking south of the Rio Grande tend to forget, if they ever knew, that Mexico is, accordi... More >>


HSMWorks Breaks the Mold.   By Corporal Willy December 2nd 2011        ... More >>


Back in July Larry Page became Google's new chief executive and immediately began a campaign to ... More >>


Last Thursday, it was reported that an experiment showing a particle traveling faster than the speed... More >>


Biomimicry is the examination of features and elements in plant and animal life, and their applicati... More >>


On 30 May, in the aftermath of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, German Chancellor Angela Merk... More >>


Seismic activity detected in April and May near Blackpool, England are now attributed to a nearby ga... More >>


An unlikely player in the development of robotic technology has emerged. Microsoft has revealed thei... More >>


Researchers, led by Praveen Ashok at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, have developed a tec... More >>


The practice of injecting water into deep rock formations causes earthquakes, both the U.S. Army and... More >>


In Moscow on Friday, six volunteers exited a virtual spacecraft they were sequestered in for 520 day... More >>


Hi guys,   I'm a journalist writing from We're an Engineering... More >>


In 2003, Egypt had its wind potential assessed and a wind atlas published. It showed that with wind ... More >>


Hello everyone!  We here at recently interviewed some engineers studyin... More >>


On 28 October Air China conducted its first trial flight of a passenger jet powered by a mix of biof... More >>


4G mobile technology is the name given to the next generation of mobile devices such as cell phones.... More >>


To most aspiring engineers, a test lab is a place where parts are tested against a specification and... More >>


Robin Butler of Sherborne Sensors examines the series of sensors available in the marketplace and ex... More >>


Israel Electric Corp. has signed contracts to build a $1.3 billion 240 megawatt solar energy project... More >>




    Article No. :- 1 Date:- 28-9-2011 Time:- 1:00 PM Subject:- “ SUPERCOMPUTING... More >>


  Efficiency of energy conversion is defined by Betz Law There are plenty of propeller d... More >>


The University of Minnesota Formula SAE Team found that FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is a powerfu... More >>


The very day we started college it struck all of us guy engineers.  As we walked into our ... More >>


I was wondering if anyone can help me out.  I have an original book "The Channel Tunnel&qu... More >>


Failure of pharmaceutical packaging incurs the risk of negative health outcomes and expensive produc... More >>


The solder joints of surface-mount electronic devices may fail because of low-cycle fatigue. Combine... More >>


Spudcans are conical footings used as foundations for offshore platforms. Installation in soft marin... More >>


In earth penetration events the projectile generally strikes the target at an oblique angle. As a re... More >>


In earth penetration events the projectile generally strikes the target at an oblique angle. As a re... More >>


Residual stresses may be introduced into plastic parts produced by the injection molding process. As... More >>


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