Self-Driving Vehicles Could Change the Way We Think of Cars

Every major auto manufacturer and top-tier supplier is working on self-driving autos and they may be... More >>
New Energy Secretary Calls for Collaboration with Manufacturers

Last week, Dr. Ernest Moniz was sworn in as the nation’s 13th Secretary of Energy. Moniz was c... More >>
Oak Ridge National Lab Seeking Uses for EV Batteries After They’re no Longer in Cars

Credit: Among the many issues that electric vehicles face in their quest to be adopted b... More >>
Hydropower: Solar and Wind’s Big Brother is Picking Up a Bigger Share of the Load

Hydropower station on the Hoover Dam. Credit: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee. These days, when we talk... More >>
EPA Study Focuses On How to Make Greener EV Batteries

At the end of April the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted a report on the envir... More >>
High Compression Ratios and Ethanol Blends Combine to Make a Super-efficient Car

Credit: Ken Block. Four years ago, American LeMans kicked off its first green racing se... More >>
U.S. to Match China in Manufacturing Attractiveness by 2015

Credit: USDAgov New research shows that the U.S. has now matched Mexico as an... More >>
Recycling Rare Earth Metals Presents Challenges, Opportunities

Rare earth magnets used in electronics. Credit: MagTrust Magnet Group Co. Few things have had as ... More >>
New Wyoming Lithium Deposit could Meet all U.S. Demand
The U.S. currently imports more than 80% of the lithium it uses, with the silvery metal winding up i...
More >>
Boston Marathon

High Tech & Low Tech  By Corporal Willy, April 20th, 2013      ... More >>
$8.4B East Side Access Tunnel Photos
Photos showing the progress of the East Side Access tunnel that will connect the Long Island Ra...
More >>
The End of the Shale Era

The End of the Shale Era: Big Shift in Junior Oil Exploration – Interview with Chris Cooper ... More >>
Beijing's Pollution Alarms Neighbors
Last month Beijing's air pollution soared past levels considered hazardous by the World Health Organ...
More >>
Partial Collapse at Chernobyl Reactor

The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine is reporting on Feb 12, 2013 a partial collapse... More >>
Five Biggest Engineering Disasters
As engineers continue to push the boundaries of scientific invention and exploration, along with gre...
More >>
Can Leak Detection End the Pipeline Impasse?
Today, getting a pipeline built is not so easy - there are too many environmental concerns and the i...
More >>
The political Implications of America's Oil and Gas Boom

As we begin a new year we wanted to take a look at the current energy landscape and see what the fut... More >>
Scientists Find Mega-Oil Field ...1,300 Light Years Away
Have our wishes been answered? Scientists have found an oil field which contains 200 times more hydr...
More >>
US Power Grid Vulnerable to Just About Everything
The energy grid is vulnerable to anyone with basic weapons and know-how.
More >>
Ukraine Crushed in $1.1bn Fake Gas Deal

Certainly the folks at Gazprom are having a good snicker, reveling in the mockery that has been made... More >>
The Engineering Commons #14: Superstars

Podcast: Download Chris and Jeff talk about how one might go about becoming an engineering &ldquo... More >>
The Engineering Commons #13: Free Agency

Podcast: Download In this episode, Chris and Jeff discuss engineers who find employment on a proj... More >>
The Engineering Commons #12: Ethics

Podcast: Download What obligations do engineers have to others? Where do the lines of legality, ... More >>
The Engineering Commons #11: Patents

Podcast: Download This episode was initially posted to The Engineering Commons  It sometimes... More >>
The Engineering Commons #10: Software Carpentry

Podcast: Download This story was originally posted on Software is a... More >>
Engineering Commons #9 - STEM Education

Podcast: Download In this episode, Chris and Jeff discuss STEM education with two educators/engine... More >>
Higgs Boson Particle Discovered
Scientists at CERN today announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the elusive particle that gives...
More >>
Experiments in Lighter Stronger Structures
Question:  Can you make a record-breaking structure from ordinary materials?
More >>
Designing Success into the Design Process
Sometimes time is the most important constraint in the design process. Today we'll show you how a te...
More >>
Just How Green is Google

Google may have a bad track record on privacy practices, but when it comes to green, the internet gi... More >>
Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday
Aston Martin has been using their race cars to push design in their consumer models since its incept...
More >>
App Overview: eDrawings for iPad

eDrawings is the only CAD viewer on iPad that allows you to view native eDrawings files as well as n... More >>
Mixing Engineering and Art
In our interview with Jeff Lieberman we talk about how science and engineering are intertwined with ...
More >>
Highlights from the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2012
The event attracted thousands of students, teachers and parents to the Festival where they saw over ...
More >>
Engineering on Stage
Engineers tend to be understated.  That’s why these stage shows are so cool.  There ...
More >>
Renewable Technologies and our Energy Future

Renewable Technologies and our Energy Future - An Interview with Tom Murphy   Rising geopolit... More >>
The stars will be out in full force at the 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival

Appearances By Science Celebrities, Performers and Entrepreneurs Will Take “Star Gazing”... More >>
Declaration of World Record Set
To all the Members of and the world at large, I do solemnly swear and affirm that on...
More >>
Save the World Through Science and Engineering

Entries now being accepted for the 2012 Kavli Science Video Contest  The Kavli Science Video ... More >>
Approval Granted for First U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Since 1978

On Thursday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the first nuclear power plant in the US since... More >>
Poland Gives Green Light to Massive Fracking Efforts
There is perhaps no more controversial energy source after nuclear than "hydraulic fracturing," or "...
More >>
Using Ocean Temperature Differences to Create Renewable Energy
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is an idea for creating renewable energy by exploiting the di...
More >>
Pakistan to Produce Gas - by Burning Underground Coal
As we start a new year, consider the miserable plight of the average Pakistani electricity consumer....
More >>
LMS: The Learning Evolution
Have you ever thought backwards in time about how you learned things in the past? Or are you more li...
More >>
Football Pitch-Sized Batteries Could Change the World of Renewable Energy
2011 saw huge advances in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, and these advancements wil...
More >>
Sparebots: Electronics Bits Turned Into Bots

Solar Breakthrough: Cheap Quantum Dot Solar Paint
Researchers have reduced the preparation time of quantum dot solar cells to less than an hour by cha...
More >>
Technology vs. what we truly want.

 Source: More >>
Two Clocks Puzzle

We know that two ideal clocks permanently at rest relative to each other can be synchronized by mean... More >>

PageRank is the technique used by Google to determine importance of page on the web. It considers al... More >>

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