Mining Equipment Industry Digs Deep for Efficiency

The economic news has been a mixed bag in recent years for American mining equipment manufacturers a... More >>
U.S. Senate Launches Manufacturing Jobs Initiative

Called the Manufacturing Jobs for America Initiative, the effort packages 40 bills, ranging from the... More >>
How EPA Regulations Could Ultimately Help Oil and Coal Industries

Could the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new regulations actually increase oil depend... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Tire Manufacturing Hits Higher Gear

Pent-up demand for tires will boost sales growth over the next five years, according to an updated r... More >>
When Fuel Costs and the Deficit Collide, a Moderate View Emerges

A report from the politically conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) takes a refreshi... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Economic Growth Tempered by Shutdown

Anecdotal evidence indicates that American manufacturing grew modestly last month, the Federal Reser... More >>
Does Norway’s Dropped CCS Project Spell Doom for Carbon Capture?

Norway once trumpeted its ambitious project to capture carbon dioxide at a large utility plant as a ... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: MAPI Business Outlook Reaches Highest Level Since 2011

Manufacturing appears headed for an upswing over the next three to six months, according to the Manu... More >>
Study: Solar and Wind Worth Cycling Costs, if Only Cycling Costs Are Considered

A recent study produced by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) finds that if you consider certain fa... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Hiring Falls Short in September

The slump in job growth continued last month, according to a report from payroll processor ADP. Econ... More >>
Oil and Gas Industries Lead the Way in CO2 Reduction

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are at their lowest levels in 20 years — thanks to the oil and g... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Private Manufacturing Sales Slow Down Sharply

Sales for privately held manufacturing businesses fell drastically this year, according to prelimina... More >>
Can Carbon Capture Technology Save America’s Coal Power?

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that the Obama administration’s new Enviro... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Bleak Outlook for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Global semiconductor manufacturing equipment spending will sink 8.5 percent in 2013 to $34.6 billion... More >>
‘Cleanest Coal Plants Ever’ Coming to Minnesota

Boasting about the cleanest coal-fired power plant seems comparable to feeling good about devouring ... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Midsized Manufacturers Expect Continued Revenue Gains This Year

Midsize manufactures are optimistic about revenues and employment for the rest of the year, accordin... More >>
Natural Gas Powering More Non-Road Engines

How much power does a natural gas engine have? According to Fred Stow, director of sales for Waukesh... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Fracking to Create 515,000 Manufacturing Jobs by 2025

A report from IHS Consulting claims that unconventional oil and gas technologies, includin... More >>
Selective Laser Sintering Patent Expiration Will Not Be a Game Changer

Core patents for selective laser sintering (SLS) technology will expire next year. The expiration wa... More >>
EVs Are a Key Element of a Smart City

When we talk about sustainability, it’s important to talk about cities. Right now, half the pe... More >>
Recycling Frack Water Is an Industry Priority

Oil companies now have access to technology that enables them to recycle water used for hydraulic fr... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Despite a Rise, Household Income Lags in the U.S.

A new study reveals that American median income rose over the past two years. Yet household buying p... More >>
Rare Earths and Other Chemicals Damaging the Environmental Value of Renewables

The old adage about how you don’t want to see how laws or sausage is made applies to so-called... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Small Business Optimism Up Slightly in July

The National Federation of Independent Business’s (NFIB) latest small business optimism index ... More >>
Wind Power’s ‘Record Growth’ Blows Across U.S.

According to recent reports released by The U.S. Energy Department, there’s been “r... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Global Industrial Automation Equipment to Spike This Year

A global manufacturing recovery will boost worldwide sales of industrial automation equipment (IAE) ... More >>
Gain career advantage by showing you can speak “user”
A big part of success as an engineer is being able to communicate your insights to non-engineers -- ...
More >>
No More Spills? New Technology Could Transform the Pipeline Sector
New technology will help pigs do their jobs better.
More >>
Is the Building of Renewable Energy Sites on Contaminated Land a Win-Wind?

What to do with contaminated land sites is a thorny problem. It is difficult and expensive to clean ... More >>
Petroleum Industry Struggles with Water Impacts Throughout the Product Lifecycle

In studying the water and wastewater management practices of industries and manufacturers over the p... More >>
BP Unveils New Report Detailing the State of the World’s Energy

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013 was released recently, and provides an exce... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: GM and Ford Post Strong Earnings

Second-quarter earnings were up for two of the Big Three U.S. automakers, beating expectations. Stro... More >>
Securing Your Engineering Design IP
Manufactures consider big data approach to preventing theft
More >>
Industrial Processes Call for Customized Approaches to Wastewater

Water is a mission-critical resource for industrial firms, and wastewater treatment makes up an impo... More >>
NYC Decides Diesel Buses Are Cleaner than Hybrids

Back in 2009, The New York Times proudly reported that New York City was operating “... More >>
Six Tech Advancements Changing the Fossil Fuels Game

Oil and gas is getting bigger, deeper, faster and more efficient, with new technology chipping away ... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Slight Rise in MAPI Business Outlook

Senior financial manufacturing executives reported improving business conditions in June. Four out o... More >>
STEM Among Fastest Growing Occupations by 2020

While the nation will gain 55 million new job openings by 2020, most of the fastest growing occupati... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: U.S. Trade Deficit Spiked in May

Last month, the U.S. global trade deficit grew at the fastest pace of expansion in two years, accord... More >>
How Will Smart Cities Transform the Future?

Last week Cisco Systems hosted a Twitter chat at #SmartCityIoE to raise awareness of its Smart+... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: U.S. First-Quarter GDP Revised Down

After an initial positive assessment, U.S. economic growth was found to have grown less than expecte... More >>
Does Apple Brouhaha Put Light on Tax Disadvantages of Tangible Goods Makers?

Last month, a sensational series of hearings by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on In... More >>
Are Rare Earth Metals a National Security Issue?

Currently there is a legislative proposal before the Armed Services Committee of the U.S. House of R... More >>
Water Infrastructure Upgrades: A $1 Trillion Market Opportunity Waiting to Happen

The U.S. water infrastructure breaks once each minute and about 540,000 times each year. The entire ... More >>
Deadly Collapse of the Algo Centre Mall Roof

On Saturday, June 23rd 2012, two women were killed and over 20 people were injured when the roof of ... More >>
Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Boeing Forecasts Double Demand in 20 Years

Boeing has revised its 20-year outlook up to reflect air travel resiliency and expected increased de... More >>
Brookings: “Blue-Collar STEM” is Overlooked, Underfunded

A new comprehensive report by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program underscores that there is hi... More >>
Can We Eliminate Nuclear Waste by Turning it into Energy?

The question of what role nuclear power will play in this country’s energy future is filled wi... More >>
Collaboration is Key to Managing Quality

Quality management is something every company could be doing better. And no matter how big or small ... More >>
GDP Numbers Show A Down Environment For Gov't Funded Research

The first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was revised up last week to a 2.4 percent annual grow... More >>

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