An Army Special Forces soldier, turned Sandia Labs engineer brings zoom-technology to the rifle scop... More >>


NASA look deep into the solar systems and pinpoints several Kuiper Belt targets for its New Horizon ... More >>


Rsrchrs have developed several new components for biological circuits One day they may be the buildi... More >>


New algorthims, developed by Purdue researchers, speed up 3D printing while also reducing waste. More >>


Researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs use 3DPrinting to dramatically increase the potential of powe... More >>


So, what would a Death Star-like laser weapon look like? Polish physicists will be happy to show you... More >>


3D Systems cuts its year-long economic forecast short after 3rd quarter projections fail to meet exp... More >>


Where's the coldest place in the known Universe? Chances are you wouldn't guess it's in an Italian l... More >>


After being subjected to over 3 months of space-like cold the heart of the James Webb Space Telescop... More >>


A Japanese man has been given a two year jail sentence for manufacturing 3D printed guns. More >>


An new, wired ice skating blade can inform figure skaters of the stresses they are imposing on their... More >>


For someone like Edward Fouad, a junior at Caltech who has always been interested in robotics and me... More >>


Materialise acquires the UK's Orthoview. firmly positioning itself as a player in the growing #AM Me... More >>


Could the ideas that shaped the awkward 80's-era X-29 jet  be useful to those working on cuttin... More >>


Australian engineers build a tractor beam that can both attract and repel objects. Could it be usefu... More >>


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