BIMobject cloud-based portal now supports Vectorworks formats. More >>


Team STILE, made up of U.S. and Italian students, build a self-sufficient solar home in the 2015 Sol... More >>


New system can record ship and aircraft transponder video and camera data. More >>


Reduced footprint of dual cool 88 MOSFET boosts power density and improves system efficiency with a ... More >>


Converting conventional DC voltage variable drive to higher-efficiency PWM drive with same DC voltag... More >>


High luminous flux products of 140lm(min.) added to the line-up. More >>


TU Delft students use MATLAB to track satellites and assess the craft’s captured data. More >>


NASA, U.S. Air Force Research Lab and FlexSys test bending wing shape and find it does cut fuel use ... More >>


Designing the perfect chemical make-up of tomorrow’s jet engines. More >>


Tech-Clarity's Jim Brown sits down with Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights to discuss how PLM can as... More >>


Tech-Clarity's Jim Brown chats with Martin Hanssmann, COO of manufacturer Oyo Sportstoys, about how ... More >>


Host Jim Brown and Autodesk PLM360 director Ron Locklin have a discussion on how PLM can help manufa... More >>


In this video, host Jim Brown chats with Allan Behrens of Taxal about who PLM is targeted towards. More >>


A potential renewable additive could vastly improve the popular construction material. More >>


Jimmy Kimmel tests the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers's Rube Goldberg Machine More >>


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