Michigan Tech researchers continue to advance 3DPrinting's reach into the lab, debuting new AM-made ... More >>


NASA's MAVEN probe, which will study the Red Planets CO2 rich climate, is set for orbit insertion th... More >>


UCSD engineers develop algorithms that allow you to efficiently switch out & recharge battery mo... More >>


Harvard team lays the foundation for using bacterial biofilms for production of new self-healing mat... More >>



A new nanosensor mimics how your reacts when you drink wine. Could the new tool improve the quality ... More >>


Engineers create an artificial atom that demonstrate phenomena from quantum physics with sound takin... More >>


MCOR is set to announce a major breakthrough in its paper 3D printing technology at TCT + Personaliz... More >>


Composed completely of rubber, a new MIT robotic arm can slither through pipes or anywhere else it n... More >>


 ENGINEERING.com is happy to announce that Jim Anderton has joined our editorial team as Direct... More >>


Within a week India could become the first Asian nation to reach Mars. Could the low-budget space op... More >>


NASA is a  step closer to launching rockets from U.S. soil as Boeing & SpaceX get the nod a... More >>


Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have been awarded a $2.9M contract to continue developing th... More >>


3D printing and glass beads form a powerful, lens forming combo. Can these new lenses bring microsco... More >>


3D printing is hard at work in Ames, Iowa  advancing our understanding of fossils, rocks & ... More >>


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