DARPA develops a counterfeit microelectronics detector. Will the device help thwart cyberattacks a l... More >>


LUXeXceL announces the development of a new, faster optical AM technique and a new optical material. More >>


Could a pill replace injections as the drug delivery method of choice? Have you heard this promise b... More >>


Biome Bioplastics launches a new, starch-based 3D printing material that's completely biodegradable. More >>


Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and German Aerospace Centre (DLR) have invent... More >>


Award winning bioprinter uses patient's own cells to create skin grafts on demand and eliminates pai... More >>


While 3DP might undermine Chinese dominance in mass MFG one day, China's hedging & looking to ta... More >>


When the lights go out, or disaster strikes, could robots be the ones who save your bacon? More >>


New scaling law helps estimate humans' risk of blast-induced traumatic brain injury. More >>


A Purdue University industrial engineering doctoral student is among six "crew members" spending the... More >>


A new material could absorb solar radiation that spans the entire spectrum. Have researcher develope... More >>


A new, complex carbon molecule found in deep space hints that life's origins might be found in the c... More >>


Super computers are taking the guess work out of materials development. Is a new era of material sci... More >>


MCOR announce another update to its IRIS AM system, increase the machine's color management and cost... More >>


Researchers develop a 3D printing method that uses "low melting point alloy ink" to build objects vi... More >>


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