Could your Blue Ray discs find their way into solar panels one day? Research suggests the pattern wr... More >>


Flexible electronics hold the promise of creating a whole new generation of consumer and industrial ... More >>


Sheri Sheppard receives a national honor for her innovative approach to teaching undergraduate stude... More >>


By Aditya Singhal Supercapacitors coupled with a regular battery form a specific kind of “sup... More >>


Lawrence Livermore engineers develop uncrackable nuclear weapon safety codes. More >>


After a study of graphene's sub-atomic make-up in a magnetic field, researcher has discovered a para... More >>


Japan's Tanaka Corp has developed a platinum metal AM powder and two other nickel-alloys powder mate... More >>


New methods for building bio-circuits has made them more predictable and effective. Will they ever b... More >>


3D Systems enters into a definitive agreement to acquire Cimatron an Israeli 3DP reseller. Will the ... More >>


MIT engineers have drafted a theoretical framework for a family of 2D materials that may enable a ne... More >>


With a launched planned for 2017, NASA's newest Martian Rover, InSight, is beginning the long proces... More >>


A newly engineered molecular storage system could solve major problems looming over flash memory sto... More >>


A new Metal AM method produces lighter, stronger aerospace parts. Can it accelerate 3DP's adoption? More >>


Taking a cue from the human body, researchers have engineered a synthetic nanoparticle that can do m... More >>


Could a new, wide-ranging survey of quasars hint that our model of Universe is missing an ingredient... More >>


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