VIDEO: Engineers have taken the first photo of the particle/wave duality of light. But how exactly w... More >>


A breakthrough filter design, built with an inkjet printer, could lead to ubiquitous terahertz data ... More >>


GE's Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture are #3DPrinting metal control valves for their oil & gas ope... More >>


UK engineers contributed around 280B to British GDP in 2014. That's one massive contribution. More >>


A new deal between 3DS & Henry Schein will bring dental printers to the US, France, Canada, Germany ... More >>


New research shows that clusters of aluminum atoms can become superconductive at remarkably high tem... More >>


A new atomic clock has started ticking in Warsaw. With a predicted precision of 1 second lost over 1... More >>


A new logic-defying math model could lead to materials for better skin grafts and new smart material... More >>


Using little more than surgical glove material engineers have build an air filter that could change ... More >>


Researchers develop a quick, 10min diagnostic test for Ebola & other hemorrhagic fevers. Will it hel... More >>


A new, thumb-sized RFID tag can detect explosives remotely. Can it improve port security? More >>


Germany's Hermle is joining AM with 5-axis milling in one massive machine. Are system like these the... More >>


Tiny, dissolvable robotic hands could improve cancer diagnostics and drug delivery More >>


A new, low-cost method to build DNA nanotubes could pave the way for DNA to be used in optical & e... More >>


An experimental anti-ice coating for drones has proven itself effective in wind tunnel tests. How lo... More >>


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