About Shawn Wasserman
Shawn Wasserman
Shawn Wasserman (@ShawnWasserman) is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Simulation Editor at ENGINEERING.com. He is passionate about ensuring Engineers make the right decisions when using computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and IoT development tools. Shawn has a Masters in Bio-Engineering from the University of Guelph and a BASc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

CAE tool makes distortion and residual stress predictions of 3D-printed products. More >>


2016b release of MATLAB and Simulink improves data analysis functions. More >>


Overlay simulations onto SOLIDWORKS CAD assemblies can help engineers better demonstrate results to ... More >>


ESI VA One 2016 improves the predictive abilities of FE models. More >>


ANSYS 17.2 focuses on compatibility while AIM improves thermal analysis. More >>


Dynamics and frequency response simulations come to computational parts from MSC Apex. More >>


Unlimited platform to offer on-demand scalable HPC, collaboration tools and version control. More >>


IoT can save companies a lot of money and create better products for end users. More >>


An overview of IoT design challenges and some tools from Altair that might be up to the task. More >>


FloEFD from Mentor Graphics enables design engineers to test automotive luminaire designs. More >>


ANSYS is pushing companies to create greener products with its CAE offerings. More >>


Development kit can reduce prototyping and time to market. More >>


Improved workflow makes it easy to shift between CAD models, CAE models and results. More >>


pSeven from DATADVANCE automates design space exploration with drag-and-drop interface. More >>


: Kepware library to bring real-time, bidirectional IIoT control data to ThinkWorx. More >>


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