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Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is an active investor in 3D printing stocks. His due diligence and articles on 3D printing stocks are at his web site, 3DPrintingStocks.com.

Graphene 3D Lab to begin producing graphene filaments for 3D printing. More >>


Key product launch by Camtek has analysts seeing 120% EPS growth in 2015. More >>


New DittoPro 3D printer gets a strong thumbs up from MAKE Magazine in their 2015 Ultimate Guide to 3... More >>


Graphene 3D Lab Inc. 3D prints a working battery. Company expects sales of graphene-enhanced filamen... More >>


Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V) to demonstrate their patent-pending 3D printed battery technology. More >>


Meet Tinkerine's management including recent addition Ben Yan as Channel Manager. Ben comes from HP ... More >>


Graphene 3D Lab anticipates sales of graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing to begin soon. More >>


How 3D printing compliments metal injection molding operations at ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) More >>


Investors in 3D printing stocks have been on a wild ride over the last year. Finding companies with ... More >>


Sigma Labs (SGLB) Announces Software Integration Deal With Materialise and the future looks bright f... More >>


Camtek (CAMT) is launching a 3D printer for the PCB industry with estimates of .40/share in 2015 ear... More >>


With record earnings and a trailing PE of 16, Cimatron (CIMT) is entering the 3D printing software m... More >>


MGI is entering the 3D printing OEM space with a PE ratio of 40 and cutting-edge technology. More >>


Alphaform AG is a German 3D printing services bureau whose stock appears very undervalued according ... More >>


3D printing from a holographic image is what's next from Zecotek Photonics (ZMSPF) More >>


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