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Wood Pellet Mill/Best Wood Pellet Mill/New Type Wood Pellet Mill
Last Post 31 Jul 2015 05:48 PM by li ling. 0 Replies.
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li ling
New Member
New Member

31 Jul 2015 05:48 PM
    Introduction to Fote Wood Pellet Mill

    The wood pellet mill with other names of wood pellet machine and wood granulation machine is used to press the powder bran type materials from gum wood, pine, birch, poplar and other fruit trees into biomass fuel. The new generation of wood pellet mills made by our company with the introduction of advanced foreign technology will provide customized ring dies for all kinds of raw materials.

    Application Range of Fote Wood Pellet Machine

    The wood pellet machine is suitable for pelletizing materials that are hard to be glued and formed such as crops including cotton stalk, cotton seed hull and weeds; all kinds of shells including rice husk, sunflower seed hull and peanut hull; various wood leftovers like tree branch, tree trunk and tree bark; all crop straws like corn straw.

    How is Fote wood pellet mill different from other similar products?

    1. The ring die of our machine is upward, which makes it possible for vertical feed directly. This design is also good for heat dissipation.

    2. When the wood pellet machine runs, its ring die remains still and the pinch roller rotates to make materials scatter uniformly on the inner surface of the ring die.

    3. The two layer ring dies can realize various functions and high working efficiency. When processing materials that have good caking property, the application of double ring dies and high level pinch rollers will increase the production by four times.

    Economic Benefit Analysis of Wood Pellet Mill

    Fote wood pellet mill can complete all the work with only one man, which makes it widely used as the perfect compression equipment in the industries of feed factory, wood plant, fuel plant, fertilizer factory, chemical plant, etc.
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